So I have been wondering around Albuquerque looking for decent Tiramisu. I know that Bucca Di Beppo has some really decent Tiramisu, but since it is also made for a family of at least four, it's not a place where I usually stop by. Is there any good tiramisu around Albuquerque that is single serve?

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Just this week had some wonderful tiramisu at Bella Luca in T or C.  It was made in house with ladyfingers

I'm no tiramisu expert but I completely LOVED the serving I got at Season's a week or two ago.  Simple, light, flavorful -- a total pick me up!

Try Torinos'@Home on Jefferson, just south of Paseo in the Journal Center Marketplace. It's owned by a European couple, Maxime and Daniela and she makes the Tiramisu from scratch! I LOVE Tiramisu and order it almost everywhere I can and theirs is absolutely the BEST! The restaurant is named for her hometown of Turin (Torino), Italy so you know it's authentic. They also have homemade fresh pastas, sauces and breads. They are only open for breakfast and lunch Monday - Friday and it gets kinda busy at lunch but you can order togo too. They even have a catering size of Tiramisu if you are inclined to share (or not!). Their website is I am a huge fan of Torinos!

hello my name is Daniela, I am the co-owner of an Italian restaurant here in town.

You must to try our tiramisu!

Modesties apart; it's the best

Maybe because we make it ourselves and not buyng/selling a forzen one?

maybe because is a family recipe?

maybe because we use only fresh ingridients?

Porbably because of all of it?


Torinos'@ Home

7600 jefferson street


Come for a taste! ask for Daniela I will make it try for free!

let me know about the Duke city, like this I will know who you are

regards, Daniela


Despite Katrina's strange comments about "it's named after an Italian city so it MUST be authentic"!!?? 

Despite the obviously biased comments from the co-owner of Torino's @ Home....


Torino's Tiramisu is absolutely freaking delicious.  But try anything there and I doubt it will be any different.  They are one of the best restaurants in town right now.


Other good ones in town?  Scalo has a good tiramisu.

Sorry Andrea. I was just trying to say that Daniela is from Italy so you know her version will be very homestyle and authentic. Although, when I think about it, is Tiramisu a genuine Italian dish or an American Italian invention similar to Chop Suey in Chinese food? Interesting! I'm not really sure...
has anyone tried saratori's on san mateo?  I'm not a fan of tiramisu, but I can attest that their other goodies are delicious.  though, I'm not sure if you can buy a single serving or if you have to order the whole cake.

Actually the word tiramisu it's pronounced in 2 words


and I am not sure that in Italtywe will use creme fraiche for the tiramisu' the mascarpone it's kind of an obligation, maybe in France?


LOL, thanks


Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The hope here was to get some ideas of where some sterling examples of this delicious Italian dessert may be found around Albuquerque in amounts that would serve less than five people, and it appears to have succeeded to an extent. While I appreciate that there is more than likely a more formal and proper pronunciation and/or spelling of the name, I would hope that this does not turn into a forum arguing over semantics and remain focused on recommendations of places people have found while eating out around this great city. I thank everyone for their input and would invite more people to comment if they have found a place that they prefer, but I would greatly appreciate any arguments not related to the above mentioned be continued in a more private arena.


Thank you.

PS Tyler- regarding the size of the Tiramisu at Torino's, it is a perfect size for one. Or maybe for 2 people to have just a few bites. Definitely would not serve more than that!

Got it Tyler

Have a Happy end of the new Year anc ome to try my one serving tiramisu' !

The very best ever is at the Whaling Station in Monterrey, CA, which is made and served in individual fancy parfait glasses, but I digress... I have also tried several places here in search of the best tiramisu in town. Nobody's tiramisu here can really compare to the Whaling Station, but still... the best BY FAR I've found to date in Albuquerque, is at Tomato Cafe (near Paseo del Norte & San Pedro). They do serve single servings and it is very delicious. Tomato Cafe always uses very fresh ingredients for all their food, and that may be the secret. (I have not tried Torino's tiramisu, but when I do, I'll write an update.)


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