My friend Kathy and I have undertaken a burger quest. Any suggestions on places with great burgers, preferably char grilled, would be appreciated.

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Now you have hit on a subject I love. Yea for meat. Here are a few of my favorites (in true favorite is Original Tommy's on Rampart in Los Angeles

Geckos...I just can't say enough about the taste of their grill and the freshness . I can't think of any char grilled joints.
Quarters makes a great burger! Several options for toppings and great side dishes.
We'll try them. Thanks!

I'm a sucker for a good green chile cheeseburger, and really like:

The Monte Carlo Steakhouse
Blake's Lotaburger (sorry!)
the Fiesta Burger at the Frontier
the Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe
the Owl Bar and Buckhorn in San Antonio (10 miles S of Socorro)
the Outpost in Carrizoso
Bob's Burger Bowl in Santa Fe also gets really good reviews, but I have yet to try it.

anyway, try 'em and see what you think.
I went there a few months ago for the first time and reading this has my mouth watering for it again. Bobcat Bite is very good.
I whole-heartedly second the Fiesta Burger at Frontier...messy but sooo good!
I totally agree with Phil on his top two. Monte Carlo may look like a dive but has great food. And their Green Chili Chesseburger rocks.

And Blakes is my favorite fast food burger.
Rt66 Malt Shop (Not the Rt66 diner!).
This is in the Jemez, but Los Ojos makes a darn good burger.
itsa ice on 4th has a killer burger! and cheap too!

monte carlo
owl cafe abq.

these are all burgers i crave on a regular basis!
The only reason to go to Kelly's; their ostrich burger- huge and Yummy, with sweet potatoe fries..mmm

and I totally 2nd Los Ojos in Jemez. After a day rogue snowboarding/sledding/'s so delish!!
Worth the roadtrip alone.
Spartacus, I dig your post. I could eat that for breakfast. Just mouthwatering. Do you have stock photos on hand of your favs?

Nice touch on Homer.


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