I have a life-long love of New Mexican food and will defend it to the end. Occasionally, however, I get a hankering for the kind of fat, juicy, meat-rice-beans-cheese-guacamole-and-the-kitchen-sink burritos I used to enjoy when I lived in San Francisco's Mission district. A typical NM burrito (carne adovada and refritos-in-thick, open-ended tortilla) just won't cut it when I feel this way. Anyone who knows the longing of which I speak have any luck finding burritos like this here in ABQ? I've tried Empire (enh), and Dos Hermanos does a reasonable NM adaptation, but it just ain't the same....

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know what you're talking about. You want to go to Taqueria Mexico on Lomas and get a carnitas burrito.
OK - so Taqueria Mexico and Bumble Bee, huh? I'll give 'em each a try and report back.
I get cravings like this as well since I am from the West Coast and grew up eating these type of burritos. One of the best I have had here in Albuquerque was at Whole Foods on Wyoming and Academy. You get to choose all the fixings and tortilla, meat, cheeses, sauce, Pico, etc....Reminded just like back home!
I would suggest http://www.burritosinaninstant.com/ they will probably still have a NM spin, but they make them to order, and will put anything they have into them, and they are quite good!!!

ive only been to the Broadway location, but i assume the other locations would be nearly as good.
Tried the carnitas burrito at Taqueria Mexico this weekend...the beans were refried, there was no cheese or avocado, and more cilantro could have come in handy, but otherwise it was pretty delicious. The meat and rice were both near-perfect. I'll be back - maybe I'll try the burrito mexicana next time.
What about the crema? I think that's often the secret to a good mission-style burrito.
no crema either...that's pretty hard to come by in NM.
wish there was a taco del mar here in Albuquerque...
hey, how about pro's ranch? you might be able to get them to do a custom build for you.
i love eating there, much of their stuff reminds me of the really good taco trucks covering LA.
Their al pastor is possibly the best in town...I'll have to see what they can do by way of a burrito.
Good call, I love that place.


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