A friend insisted on meeting for coffee today at Flying Star. $2.75 for the most bitter cup of joe I've had since I Ieft the midwest. Small cup at that and poor service. Understaffed downtown and staff more concerned with updating the menu's $8 waffles. No wonder we love Starbucks! I hear that flying Star roast their own beans but I would want a refund on whoever gave that lesson.

So where to go for a really good LOCAL cup of coffee?

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Cafe Guiseppis - Silver, go behind Flying Star and a little west.
Jave Joe's - downtown, near Robinson Park, 8th and Central, but south of Central.
I agree with Java Joe's. They know how to roast coffee and it is always delicious!
I do not have all day to sit around but even if I did I wouldn't drink bad coffee all day hehe.
The Grove has Intelligentsia Coffee and it is wonderful.
I like Winning, but it's my neighborhood joint...
This place is reputedly pretty tasty too. Only been once but I enjoyed what I got. The website doesn't really clarify, but they serve coffee as well as roast it.
I like Michael Thomas (Carlisle north of Gibson)
Agreed! Michael Thomas has great cofffee and a nice outdoor patio too.
The Co-op serves good coffee. Bring your own cup and it's only $.95--and you can sit outside and possibly get a free conversation with Don Schrader!

But, yep, go to Giuseppe's. Flying Star/Satellite coffee is crap--who cares if you get free refills? Who wants free refills of crap?
I love this suggestion! The Co-op rocks. Also thank you all for mentioning many I didn't know like Michael Thomas.
The Co-op does have good coffee, although I would pay extra to NOT have to deal with the Don.
Starbucks is the worst coffee imaginable. They over-roast their beans and they taste burnt. I don't usually drink coffee anywhere besides my home. If you want some really good coffee, order some from Here. He is a friend of mine and sells Sustainable and Single Estate Organic Coffee. Everything is done out of his home. Family owned business.

He roasts the beans as the orders come in. He is a good guy and pretty much Sommelier of coffee.
OK! I'm impressed with your friend's site.

First time I've seen a full city roast offered since I figured out that an Austrian coffee, Edschu K und K Hoff, was actually a full city roast, Ethiopian bean, I think. If you are in Vienna, try it, or have a friend ship over a couple of kilos.

Meanwhile, I'm going to order some of the Nicaraguan 5th de Junio. I'll let you know how it works out.

Locally, I think I'll try out Michael Thomas on Carlisle.


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