Driving up Wyoming yesterday, I noticed a small banner saying "Coming Soon, Krispy Kreme" on the storefront at Wyoming Mall that was briefly a Starbucks (strip with Kelly Liquors). That location is too small for the whole "doughnut factory" set up, so I'm wondering if they plan to truck them in from the Ellison location? Anyone have more information or dates?

And while we're on the subject, has anyone tried Donut Mart on Juan Tabo? I'm not even sure where it is because search brings up 2 addresses (1605 and 1720) between Indian School and Constitution. My husband says he's seen the sign on west side of the street, so that makes 1605 more likely.

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I wholly second this opinion, even though I quit donuts some few months and forty-something pounds ago.
Congratulations! I bet that much weight loss makes a huge difference in how you feel!
After all the rave reviews on DCF, we gave this place a try last fall. Maybe we hit them on an off day, but the doughnuts were extremely greasy (as when cooked in oil that is too cold). I left a spare one on the counter in the paper bag and an hour later there was an actual puddle of grease on the counter under bag! They were absolutely the worst bakery doughnuts I've ever had, and I'm afraid I can't work up the courage to give them a second chance.
I had a Zombie Doughnut today, actually parts of two of them- the Chai, and the Espresso Maple Bacon (yes, that's one flavor of donut). Write up on them can be found here. They were yummy and the cafe was was great, if a bit utilitarian.
Mombat's review caught my eye and the Chai doughnuts sounds intriguing, but the location is out of our way. Love the mural,too, so may have to look for excuses to make a visit work.
Donut Mart is on the west side of Juan Tabo, next to a Chinese restaurant in the same shopping center as the old Sports Systems. The owners are very friendly - I didn't get charged for coffee when I checked it out because in the owner's opinion it wasn't a fresh enough pot - and the donuts are fresh, big and pretty tasty. They don't deviate from the traditional formula much, but are at least as good as Enchanted Chocolates in my opinion....and I hold Enchanted Chocolates as far above the chains as L.C. does.
Thanks for review! We only indulge in doughnuts a few times a year, so Donut Mart sounds like a good place to try next.
La Dolce Vida on Lomas near Washington has the best cake doughnuts in town. Their other doughnuts aren't bad either.
I have had their cookies and they are good- I will have to check out the donut options.

The El Mezquite Markets have donuts in the mornings, it is the only donut spot ( the one at San Pedro & Central ) other than John Brooks and WalMart on the way to the Flea Market at the Fair Grounds Saturdays / Sundays from NobHill. I know the one on 4th Street has them as well. The raised and raised filled are probably the best bet.

Generally I favor Dunkin. There seems to be two different franchisees in Albuquerque. I find the one on Central near University to have a tendency to over cook their cake donuts resulting in rather dry product compared with the one on Montgomery.

Forget Krispy Aire!

I have tried Enchanted, but they are a bit off the beaten track for regular consideration for me.

If you bake bread at home, donuts are pretty easy to make ... its the variety that suffers with homemade.

I'm not favorable to the commissary donuts from WalMart and the other supermarket chains except when I'm really desperate.

I have tried La Dulce Vida, and they are pretty good but limited both in scope and availability ... when they don't have what I want I will opt for the "danish", In general I think they are a missed opportunity, the pastries are pretty good for the price!

If you are in doubt about the location(s) of any business check the City Of Albuquerque Business Search: Donut Mart
Honestly, on the rare occasions I have purchased doughnuts at Smith's, I have been pleased. Get them early in the morning, though.

I will say that La Dolce Vida skeeves me out--it seems to be a really sloppy operation.
word - my wife and i walked into LDV shortly after moving here, with the highest of hopes for an italian bakery, looked around, surveyed the piles of crap and detritus lying around combined with minimal offerings, then walked out.

businesses that are open for public use and don't give a rat's ass what they look like just push a button with me.


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