Driving up Wyoming yesterday, I noticed a small banner saying "Coming Soon, Krispy Kreme" on the storefront at Wyoming Mall that was briefly a Starbucks (strip with Kelly Liquors). That location is too small for the whole "doughnut factory" set up, so I'm wondering if they plan to truck them in from the Ellison location? Anyone have more information or dates?

And while we're on the subject, has anyone tried Donut Mart on Juan Tabo? I'm not even sure where it is because search brings up 2 addresses (1605 and 1720) between Indian School and Constitution. My husband says he's seen the sign on west side of the street, so that makes 1605 more likely.

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You didn't live here when Fred's Bread and Bagels was in the spot where Zinc is now, but it was one of those spots. Just a dirty, dirty place. His bread was good, his bagels were great, BUT the place just made a person cringe. Well, it made this person cringe. I could never shake the idea that maybe some filthy person was making my food with his dirty feet in the kitchen. No, seriously. It was that gross. La Dolce Vita gives me that same feeling--if they don't care about the crap laying all about the place, then what on earth is the kitchen like? Urk.
Mmmm I love the Zombie Doughnuts
Donut Mart is legit. They have great coffee and the owners are very friendly. Oh, and the doughnuts are quite good, too. They have a "manager's special" which is usually pretty awesome --2 weeks ago it was peanut butter and jelly and it was freakin' great.
Donut Mart had an ad with a couple of coupons in Sunday's Journal (5/2/10). The ad is on a page titled "Clip-N-Save," which is one of those wrappers they use to contain circulars. There's a coupon for 99-cent 16 oz. iced coffee and another for a dozen donuts at $3.99 (Limit 2). The coupons are good until the end of May. In addition, the Mother's Day Special is "All Mother's receive a FREE donut."

Hours are Monday through Saturday 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Phone # is 292-9908

Will definitely be visiting soon!
We went to Donut Mart yesterday morning--yum! The place busy, the donuts fresh and tasty, and the staff very kind. I confess to having been less than impressed by Zombie and Enchanted donuts, though given the reviews here, perhaps I should try them again.
I can't wait to surprise my wife this Sunday....
Went by Donut Mart yesterday, have to agree with all the above comment on this place, really nice staff and the donuts were yummy good. will definently frequent this place more often, nice to have it on my way into work.

On a note to Krispy Kreme's establishment that used to be on Juan Tabo before the closings happened, is now an O'Neills. Nice to have something like that in that area of town. Looks like a nice patio and will really try to make it by their, it is a bit closer to me than the one on Central.
Buttermilk cake donuts at Enchantment Chocolates. Wow. So fried they are *nearly* burnt, but not quite. This is the chicharron of donuts, and I mean that with endearment. :)


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