I'd really love to surprise my bf by taking him out for some Greek food, especially Gyros. He loves them the most when they're sloppy and loaded with sauce. Anyhow, he was pining the other day for some good old Greek like he used to get back home (we're transplants). Thanks for your help!

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Interesting. I haven't been to Olympia since the change in ownership so I can't attest to current quality. While Olympia wouldn't be my choice for the best Greek, it is/was for sloppy gyros. The ones I've had at other local places (Yanni's, Yasmine's, Gyro's, Cesar's, that little store on Wyoming, etc.) don't quite do that drippy gut-busting thing the (old) Olympia ones did.
You're thinking of Cafe Istanbul. Like Yasmine's, it's a predominantly Middle Eastern restaurant run by Palestinians...
juniper berri, Wyo/Menaul is Cafe Istanbul, right? I like that place! Make some extra time to browse the aisles for all sorts of interesting things. Like Turkish Delight...
Yes sir- that is the place! Years ago they considered relocating closer to Nob Hill (I used my best convincing skills to assist with this contemplative option, to no avail) Now I live downtown and get over there even less ;[ .
It is so good. Mm~ Next time I'll be sure to bring a bag and do some special grocery shopping after lunch.
Yes, Olympia is owned by Palestinians now. Just a fun fact to know...
Yeah, I remember Koury's with great fondness. The owner closed down because the shopping center wouldn't renew his lease. The reason the owner gave me was because the center didn't want a restaurant there. I don't understand why a restaurant is a bad tenant but then again, I'm not a landlord.

I sort of figured the place would start up again somewhere, but AFAIK, it never has.
Wow! Thanks for all the great replies! After reading through them I've made up my mind to try Olympia first - mostly because of these words: sloppy, stuffed, super-sinful, and zesty. Lol. And as we're not really upscale kind of folks I think it'll do just fine :) I'll be sure to let you all know how it turns out!
It's not really a place for sloppy gyros, but since other Middle Eastern restaurants were mentioned, I thought I would recommend Sahara. I like the chicken shawarma, and I LOVE the malfoof (lamb stuffed cabbage) which is unfortunately only offered as a special. I prefer the falafel from Cafe Istanbul, but Sahara's is pretty good.
Thanks! The malfoof sounds really good.
Completely agree on Sahara! Delicious food and great service (possibly improved by a brief conversation in my mangled Arabic about ancestral ties to the Middle East).
BB: You and I are tastebud soulmates! Love, love, love Sahara, especially the chicken shwarma sandwich. To. Die. For.
I agree Sahara is awesome. But I LOVE the Sloppy beef and Lamb Shawarma! it is all about the spiced pickle.


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