I'd really love to surprise my bf by taking him out for some Greek food, especially Gyros. He loves them the most when they're sloppy and loaded with sauce. Anyhow, he was pining the other day for some good old Greek like he used to get back home (we're transplants). Thanks for your help!

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is Mykonos on Eubank/Juan Tabo still around? I loved their Greek food!
Not at all fancy but nice enough, go the little restaurant in the SUB at UNM. I know its related to Sahara Middle Eastern.
Wow, I blinked and everything seemed to change. Olympia and now Yasmines. Glad to know before I made a special trip and expected the outstanding food from other visits.
Sahara is really yummy-and they also own the New York sandwich shop on Yale in the old pharmacy locale.
I like it better!!! (then Sahara)
So, no ones's mentioned the new Saffron Cafe on Lead? I am really curious, it looks like beautiful remodeling except for the neon blinking sign outside (ick)- any one ventured in?
Should any of you get a jones for souflaki pita (like the gyro except with sliced chicken or other meaty goodness instead of the gyro loaf):
So you're in the parking lot south of the Art Museum in Old Town, walk through the arch and look for the sign that says "Ice Cream Cones". Follow that into the back courtyard & through the door. Check out the menu- a little tiny kitchen and a bit of greek culinary heaven- and go for the souflaki pita. Snag a table and yum. Really, way yum- and in the back of an art gallery.

And obviously, I remember the deliciousness but not the name...but for a nice night out, my vote goes to Mykanos www.mykonoscafeandtaverna.com over any of the other Greek places in town.
Any Greek foodphile try the gyros at Nick's at 4th and Central? I had a nice gyro there last year but haven't had the opportunity to return.


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