I'd really love to surprise my bf by taking him out for some Greek food, especially Gyros. He loves them the most when they're sloppy and loaded with sauce. Anyhow, he was pining the other day for some good old Greek like he used to get back home (we're transplants). Thanks for your help!

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olympia cafe on central, just west of harvard. I like to get the gyro platter so I can build my own (plus, I can get two full meals out of it), but the regular gyro is delicious. I also recommend avoiding gyros mediterranean on cornell, as their gyro is no good, ironically enough.
The new Zorba's at Montgomery and Juan Tabo (next to the new Sunflower) opened not long ago and has an extensive menu. I stopped in one lunch hour the first week they were open and they were still training staff so it was a bit chaotic. I don't want to give a review of their food at this time since they were so new when I was there. I see a fair amount of cars there when I shop at Sunflower. Anyone else have comments about their food???
Sorry, I find Yanni's food to be pedestrian, over-priced and WAY inconsistent. Stopped going there after way too many misses and not enough hits. Last time I was in there for food, I was with a group and my pasta dish didn't come and didn't come and didn't come...until my companions were almost done--and then it was stone cold! I waved the server over, told her the dish was cold, she took it away and was back in, oh, maybe a minute with my NUKED pasta dish. Never apologized for the wait and bad food served, nothing.

Then, the time BEFORE that, I was sitting at the bar with some friends and we had just ordered cocktails. While we were waiting for the bartender to make our drinks, a cockroach casually strolled across the bar in front of me. The bartender came with our drinks and I pointed out the cockroach, who seemed very much at home. She then took a bar towel and MASHED IT RIGHT THERE ON THE BAR IN FRONT OF ME. She then said "oh, we just sprayed last night, so you're going to see a few roaches." WTF? She didn't apologize, didn't offer me and my friends a free drink, nothing.

It mystifies me why anyone likes Yanni's.
I completely agree! Olympia is FAR better.
If Zorba's is owned by the original Olympia folks, they've toned down a lot of their flavors for the Heights. The food I've had there isn't bad, but it's not nearly as zesty or tasty as at Olympia, now or when the Zorba's folks still owned it.
I really love the new Zorba's. It reminds me of my favorite greek diner places in Chicago with the whole "wall of Greece" photo thing.

The basic flavors are similar to Olympia but it's a little less greasy and the presentation is much prettier. And the galaktoboureko is the best I've ever had ANYWHERE.
Yeah, for sloppy and stuffed, and super-sinful, Olympia wins.
Olympia is good. I've also heard good things about Jasmine's Cafe on Central, just west of University on the south side.

The owners of Zorba's are the former owners of Olympia. I just read they sold it a few years ago and started up again at a location closer to their home. I wonder if they are going to close down for a month like they did at Olympia when they go back home to visit family in Greece.

Mykonos is another good place, more "upscale" in the Mountain Run Shopping Center (where Eubank and Juan Tabo converge).
Yasmine's is completely delishious!!!! On Central between Ash and Pine or near there. It's on the South east corner.

It is fresh, yummy, seasoned with care and expertise- I can't say enough good things about their food.

And, sorry to disent...but
Olympia WAS delishious for the first 10 years or so. To hear Spiro and family sold it explains a lot about the few times I've been in the last three years. It was becoming increasingly greasy (not the good kind) and over priced. I don't live close by anymore so my weekly visits and temp. out of state move had already kept visits infrequent.

We go to Yasmines or the cafe/grocery on Wyoming near Menaul, west side-blue sign- oh, what is the name?- for our gyro fix. Both are very good. Mmmm, sounds like a great idea for lunch~
Yanni's has gyros, but maybe only for lunch.

Yasmine's is one of my faves! They do have gyros, but it is not a Greek restaurant (it is owned by Palestinians). So if Rochelle is looking for Greek, this may not work.

And I just have to say this: Yasmine's has the very very very best kunafa I have ever tasted in Albuquerque.
Update: Yasmine's is now under new ownership.

We may have come in on a bad night, but the lamb shish kabob was the worst I have ever eaten. Fat and gristle. Service was slow and surly. They were out of tabbouleh. ??? My dining companion said the meat pie was flavorless. I doubt I will be going back. (And I like to give places second chances).

Go elsewhere for gyros, is my recommendation.
2nd this. We had the new Yasmine's last week and were sorely disappointed by the quality of the meats in our combo plate. And they were out of hummus! And no more pistachio baklava. Very disappointing.


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