To counter the "don't eat here" post. I had dinner at Casa Vieja last week. Servers were great, the food was well prepared, we had the Wagner Green Chile Vegetarian Enchiladas and the Hanger Steak. The setting was warm, servers attentive and a really great atmosphere. I would recommend this restaurant without fear.

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Right on BWH!

There's great food all over town, but only a few places that are ceaselessly excellent. Two come to mind immediately:

1. Loyola's for breakfast (Or lunch). The food, the atmosphere, the people, it's consistently a positive place to go. Whenever we have a bad breakfast somewhere else I wonder "Why didn't I go to Loyola's instead?" (The usual answer: It's Monday, they're closed. Hey, why don't you learn to make your own breakfast burrito, bub?")

2. Korean BBQ House + Sushi & Sake. Meat, fish, noodles, beer, sake, hot sauce. kimchi, cauldrons, fire- this place has something for everyone. Whenever we have bad Japanese food somewhere I wonder "Why didn't I go to Korean BBQ House instead?" (The usual answer: "It's Sunday, they're closed. Stop trying to get good Sushi on a Sunday, You can't have that. Go eat some falafel at Sahara or something.")

Hey, it's Wednesday....
Casa Vieja is on Corrales Road, North of Alameda Blvd. Might be a little drive for some of you but its worth it.

Yesterday I grabbed a friend and drove to Laguna for the Laguna Burger at the Laguna Superette. Amazing burger, fries were fresh cut and great. Worth the 60 mile drive. Made for a great day!
Loylola's Family Restaurant - 4500 Central SE, corner of Adams & Central, west of San Mateo.
- Good food, reasonable quantity, very friendly wait staff, strong local constituency. Open for breakfast and lunch only.
Closed until next Tuesday. A sign on the door says Loyola has just passed away. Services will be this weekend at Our Lady of Fatima Church, 4020 Lomas NE. Very sad.
sad to hear.
I love Korean Barbecue House! Especially a fan of their bento box lunches, particularly the Spicy Pork Box. Consistently delicious.
I had dinner at Casa Vieja many years ago with a friend who used to *live* in that house as a child. It has an interesting history. Here's their website:
I've had many fine meals there. Alas, it was a special place of the ex's-and-mine, so I go there not-so-much anymore. They used to do the most amazing smoked trout.

Glad you enjoyed it!
I always love Artichoke Cafe.
Their bar is actually quite nice, and the happy hour menu (3-6 weekdays) is very reasonable, with very good food.

The lunch menu is also less expensive than the dinner menu, and very good.
I had a beautiful steak there once
I think Savoy suffers from its location; when dining I have never had a bad experience. Definitely one of the "keepers" in town.


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