I have been trying to find some juicy burgers out here in ABQ. Not the typical frozen slab, but good handmade juicy burgers, any suggestions?

Also some good chinese take out would be fabulous!

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Hey Faith, firstofall, welcome to our town and DCF. Be warned, food discussions here are my fave, but they can get heated. Ask ten people about a good burger and get ten different opinions. Personally, I love that part. I'll offer a couplea my favorites.

1. Burger Boy in Cedar Crest. Though not technically in ABQ, anything that is a 30 minute drive or less is fine with me.

2. A buffalo burger at Coyote Diner. Awesome.

3. Spend a few minutes on DCF searching for "burger" and you are sure to find a ton of very good suggestions.

4. Lotaburger. This suggestion is loaded. Do you owe it to yourself to live in NM and not try a Lotaburger? Lots of folks here boycotting this particular burger.
Thanks! I have had the Lotaburger, it's ok, but not what I am looking for. Gosh, doesn't a thick, hot, juicy, cheesy burger sound sooo good?
Ya, to me Lotaburger and Whataburger are practically interchangeable. Unless I'm craving a Red Chili Lotaburger (maybe once a year)...
Faith, Welcome and enjoy the city.
Try Spinn's on the west side (Coors and Montano). I think the best in the city.
Spinns is great! You might also try the Chama River Brewery on the Pan American Freeway S of Jefferson. Flying Star burgers are not the absolute best, but they're not bad at all. And in Santa Fe, try Del Charro at the Inn of the Governors.
I want to try Spinns for sure! I had a flying star burger on a house hunting trip out here. It was ok, but just not juicy/greasy realness that I am craving!
Hi everybody! Ron Da Bomb, we have pretty good burgers....may be next time you come by you shall give them a try instead of the BBQ...and then you can recommend us! :0) We actually ground them fresh everyday with 100% sirloin..is like bitting into a juicy steak..mhhh :0)
I have been wanting to check out the cube for some memphis style bbq. Maybe after I try the bbq I will come back for a burger. And knowing you ground them fresh daily makes me want one even more! Thanks Ron!
If you are looking for classic hamburger stand greasy burgers, id say Griffs burgers, For a really tasty local version id say "The Red Ball Cafe", or "The Little Red Hamburger Hut"
Blakes lotaburgers tasted alot better before i foundout how much the owner had donated to anti gay marriage legislation, Im not saying i have anything against the quality of the burgers they just kinda lost me as a patron most of the time. still would rather hit there than a Mcburger anyday.
I've had good luck with the burgers at The Range Cafe in Bernalillo: consistently tasty, especially if green chile is included.
Faith, welcome to Albuquerque. Monroe's is supposed to have a great green chili cheeseburger. Monte Carlo on West Central near the biopark and many have said that Lucky Boy, a chinese restaurant on Carlisle, has a great burger. I had a good burger at Independence grill yesterday but very expensive. If you venture to Santa Fe try Bobcat Bite, rated one of the best burgers in the US.


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