I have been trying to find some juicy burgers out here in ABQ. Not the typical frozen slab, but good handmade juicy burgers, any suggestions?

Also some good chinese take out would be fabulous!

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Lindy's in Tucson has no connection to the Lindy's in ABQ...they just happen to have the same name.
Where's this place at?
I love burger patties that barely can hold together. Lumpy's should be on my short list, I see....
I've found a new burger I like. It's a bit of a drive (not as far as San Antonio), but if you're in the Belen area, try the green chile cheeseburger at Fat Sat's! The green chile has great flavor, and the burgers are great!
I didn't know about Stop-N-Go until I read about it in this thread. I will visit soon. Thanks for telling us about it. I have never eaten at an In-and-Out, either, but even Thomas Keller says they're pretty good, which is enough for me to want to go to one. Unfortunately, the nearest real thing is in Mesa, AZ.

My favorite double cheeseburger in ABQ is @ The Dog House on the south side of Central just west of 12th St. Be sure to get it with the onions. They have the best fries in town, too.
Reb, there's an In-n-Out in Tucson, too...at least an hour or two closer than Mesa.
I love the burbon butter burger at Standard Diner on Central - decadent and delicious!
I know this is an older thread, but I'll throw my 2 cents in here as well. I love cheeseburgers and one of my favs is at gecko's in the nob hill shopping center. it's particularly good with bleu cheese and mushrooms or bleu cheese and bacon, but the straight up cheeseburger is pretty tasty.
Ok, in the last week, I finally visited Stop N Go twice. On both occasions, I got a double cheeseburger. They are transcendent, but I must say the fries are absolutely awful and tasteless.

First time I visited, I went through the Drive Thru. On the second visit, I parked the car and went into the store. I took a look at the prices for the side dishes, and found the fries and the cole slaw were the same price. So, I asked if I could substitute cole slaw for the fries. Turns out I could. The cole slaw is excellent, and so, I recommend you skip the fries and ask for the cole slaw instead.
Okay, my pick for a juicy, homemade, full-flavored cheeseburger is Pinon Cafe in Placitas. Fabu green chile too. A little north of Duke, but worth the drive.
Montecarlo steak house

it's a liquor store from the outside, go inside and you will see the entrance for the restaurant
If you like rear meat they will serve it that way!
Ane they are very affordable

here the link for the address



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