Whenever people talk about cuisines that are missing from the Albuquerque food scene, a good, traditional NY-style deli is always near the top of the list (on my personal list, it probably comes right below Ethiopian, especially now that you can get Peruvian food here). But as much as folks bemoan the lack of a good pastrami-on-rye, I think most of us assume Albuquerque's not really a NYC deli town.

So imagine my surprise when a Facebook friend posted this! At a glance, the menu looks very, very authentic and not something I'd really have expected to see in Nob Hill. I peeked in the window tonight on my way from La Montanita Co-op...they're located in the Nob Hill Shopping Center at Amherst and Silver. They didn't quite look open yet, but does anyone know more? A legit bagel & lox alone would make it worth a visit...

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"A legit bagel" alone would be a miracle. Haven't seen one of those in donkey's years. Only bagel-shaped, bread-like objects.

(Side note: Flying Star has added a semi-decent Reuben to their menu - you have to tell them to make sure the sauerkraut is dry and to add extra Russian dressing.)

Yumm!  Looks great.

What's a bombalinsky?

Googling didn't provide much info, except for a page in Roumanian ... so?

Phil_O:-- can you keep us posted on when it opens?  Nowhere near there on a regular basis.

Will do. Their emergence has caused quite a kerfuffle among the east coast exiles in my Facebook circle, so I expect I'll hear as soon as they open their doors.

They have a Facebook page.

I don't think they do ... or at least the links aren't live on their page.

Found it by searching:  https://www.facebook.com/noshnobhill

Latkes!  Menu does look good.  I am keenly interested in that vegetable hash and the tempeh Rueben.  No, I am not a vegetarian, per se, but they both sound delicious.

Have you tried it yet, Phil? 

Apparently they have yet to open...per the Facebook page, they're now shooting for this weekend.

Oh, I read that FB post wrong.  Thought they meant the weekend of the 17th-18th.

So I haven't been, but it looks like they opened today...

I wanted to go yesterday (they'd sent an e-mail saying they were opening yesterday) and my wife strenuously talked me out of it, saying a first day is the worst day to try a place ... not a fair chance.  Will be there soon though.  Maybe see you there?


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