The Japanese Kitchen in Albuquerque....mediocre at best, worst service with arrogant waitress

In 2008 we moved from Southern California to New Mexico.

Soon after we moved here, we were pleasantly surprised to find a Japanese-owned and managed Japanese restaurant by the name of JAPANESE KITCHEN.

The food there was fairly decent, we thought, at that time, for being here in the middle of the American Southwest.

Of course, having moved here from Southern California's coastal area (where a Japanese restaurant will never survive if the quality of food and service was inferior), we did not have a high expectation.

But, nevertheless, we enjoyed the food.

However, upon our recent visit to the Japanese Kitchen, we were totally devastated by the declining quality of food as well as the disproportionate increase in price for the quality of food served.

But above all, we were astonished at the arrogant service rendered by one of the Japanese waitresses.

She had no proper manners when serving the customer.

We were expecting to enjoy our celebration dinner here but, instead, ended up with an unforgettable, bitter memory of the service, rendered by this arrogant waitress.

Before we left the restaurant, we spoke to the manager (owner?) who told us to speak directly to the waitress.  We did.  We let her know that her service was extremely poor.  We also let the manager (owner?) know that she needs to re-train that waitress who served us.

We waisted $112 for nothing at this restaurant.  

Also, we did hear from some others that this restaurant does seem to have arrogant waitresses.

With their food mediocre at best, coupled with an atrocious service rendered by an arrogant waitress, I do not have that much hope for this establishment unless the owner re-trains some of her waitresses.

The food is over-priced.  That is for sure.  It is not that affordable to many.  I hope that they will make a change for the better.

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My wife and I ate there once about 18 months ago and were completely unimpressed.

The server wasn't rude, but wasn't very helpful, either. the food was OK but WAY over-

priced for its quality.

Thanks, Mike, for your comment.  I agree totally with you.

The biggest problem there is the half-hearted attention shown by the waitress ( a particulary one in our case).   You can tell that she was just counting time and her mind was not truly in the full service for her customer.

The food is way over-priced for its quality.

I highly recommend, Mike, to visit the other, smaller (family-style) restaurant in Albuquerque called KOKORO JAPANESE RESTAURANT.   Their food is tasty, authentic, very affordable and served with friendly waiter/waitress with much "kokoro"  (heart and soul).   It's a family-style place.   All the employees are the family members.

I have eaten at Japanese Kitchenm in a long time. I always opt for the amazing food and great service at Kokoro.

Thanks, Edith, for your comment.  You are absolutely right.

What I like about KOKORO JAPANESE RESTAURANT is that they serve a lot of regular Japanese food (the type of food that is typically eaten by regular folks in Japan, and not the stereotypical food such as sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, etc.).  And their price is very affordable, most of their items are less than $10.  The food is served with politeness and sincere "kokoro" (heart and soul) by the staff.

I will never ever go back to THE JAPANESE KITCHEN where you only get a "commercialized", "mass-produced" feeling with half-hearted service rendered by half-hearted waitresses.  

I absolutely love that they sell curry there! That's how you can tell that its an authentic Japanese food restaurant because that is very common place in Japanese cuisine.

Monica, thanks.

Yes, that is definitely one of the signs of a typical Japanese restaurant, the Japanese style curry.  It can come over rice or it can also come in the form of Curry Udon.

My favorite is Beef Curry over rice.

I thought that Mr. Tokyo on Juan Tabo was also Japanese owned.  Am I correct?  I too think Kokoro is fantastic.

Thanks for your input, Vicki.

I have to check that, to see if Mr. Tokyo on Juan Tabo is Japanese owned or not.

Yes, I agree 100% with you in saying that KOKORO JAPANESE RESTAURANT is indeed fantastic.

They're Thai or Laotian...

I completely agree! It was always voted best Japanese restaurant and I never understood why. I lived in Japan so I'd like to think that I am a Japanese food connoisseur (lol). Kokoro is definitely the best by far and the pricing is much more reasonable!

I think they're voted Best Japanese because they're big and they've been around for ever so everyone's heard of them, including people who might not otherwise eat Japanese food. It allows them to have an opinion even if they've never been anywhere else.

Sort of similar to the way the Flying Star wins best breakfast and best baked goods every year...even if you don't go to a lot of restaurants it's the one place you know.

Sounds to me that this guy owns or has a stake in a competing restaurant.


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