TUNISIAN/Moroccan food in Highland/East Nob Hill (Plus a digression regarding Turkish food Downtown)

So was driving down Central today and noticed that the space that was most recently occupied by Guicho's Mexican Food now sports a sign reading "Kasbah Turkish Moroccan Greek." I'm not sure if it's open yet, but it would be a welcome addition to the dining scene...I never had a chance to try Marrakech Moroccan before it closed, and except for doner kabobs downtown and a street food booth that frequented some of the farmer's markets a few years ago, I'm pretty sure the Duke City has never had a Turkish restaurant. Does anyone have any details about this place?

[Title changed, since as Kevin points out the sign in question actually reads TUNISIAN Moroccan Greek, not Turkish. However, the Central Market downtown is indeed Turkish...and quite good.]

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Excellent, thanks.  Will report back after we do.

I really really like the people at Saffron and the food is GOOD, but service is always weird and they tend to be out of stuff - I've never successfully gotten what I walked in for.  What I do get is generally yummy, but it's not the kind of place to have a craving for something in particular and expect to get it.

Plus their menu has always advertised "jeweled rice" which is an amazing Persian dish with dried fruit and nuts and saffron - and they have NEVER had it.  They just put a couple of dried berries on top of regular rice.  I've asked them to change the menu for over a year - nothing.  Boo.

Saffron is definitely cheaper than Pars. Better, too.
Bummer ...
No problem with the drive-by misreading Phil.  This makes more sense.  And by the way its all making me seriously hungry,  Umm Bastilla!  Was there also chicken with olives?  Lamb with honey?
Yes, chicken with olives and preserved lemons, lamb with honey, apricots and dates.
Sounds delicious - can't wait to try it. What are things like price-wise?
We ate there today. We had the vegetable couscous & the Mediterranean chicken tagine off the lunch menu- both were good. I think it is probably a reincarnation of Marrakech. Their menu is very similar to this one I found on-line. Prices looked similar too- maybe a dollar or so cheaper. The lunch specials were mostly under $10 & the portions were large. Many of the more interesting specials were not on the lunch menu. We plan to go back & try them for dinner sometime.

The word I've heard is that YES, this is the old Marrakech owner/staff bringing back our beloved Bastilla and the rest!

Anyone can confirm that?

We are here at the Restaurant now. I had been here before when it was the Mexican place. They dressed it up nice. Food just arrived looks great!

Tangin of Lanb with Honey and the King Bastilla entrees were gerat! The signature house green tea with mint is a great compliment.


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