I may be wrong but as far as I know for sure, there are two Japanese restaurants in Albuquerque owned and managed by the Japanese.

One is the more widely-known JAPANESE KITCHEN.


There are stark contrasts between these two restaurants.

Here are my evaluation of the two restaurants.

1) JAPANESE KITCHEN......a large establishment that has both the Hibachi/Teppan style section (in a separate building) and the regular Japanese cuisine (sushi, tempura, etc.).

Highly over-rated and over-priced for sure.

Interior atmosphere may be good but the food is mediocre at best.

Service is one of the worst that I have ever experienced, with arrogant Japanse waitress that seems to lack the heart to serve her customers with sincerity.

2) KOKORO JAPANESE RESTAURANT......a family-style restaurant that serves authentic Japanese food (in my opinion)....very affordable...most of the items are $10 or less, with generous portions.....not much different from a good country-side Japanese restaurant-cafe anywhere in Japan......owner is very health-conscious....she is also a nutritionist.......service is excellent and heart-felt.....self-service tea is free....coffee is free...and, of course, water is free.......this establishment may not have the interior decor like THE JAPANESE KITCHEN and is much smaller, but it has the true "kokoro" (heart and soul)....and it fits the deserved name KOKORO JAPANESE RESTAURANT.

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Hush! the place is too small for huge rampaging hordes! :) I love Kokoro been going since they were only a few month old. They really are a Gem!


Mirai, close to UNM, seems to be run/owned by Japanese -- at least Japanese is spoken there -- and is very good and inexpensive.

I think you are right, Eiichi-san.

I had forgotten that MIRAI RESTAURANT is owned by a Japanese, from what I hear.  Either from Okinawa or Hokkaido, I am not sure.  It's on Yale, I think, about a block or two south of Central.

Considering that it is so close to UNM, I would imagine that they have to keep the prices affordable to students, which is good.  I will take my family their one of these days.

Thanks for your input, Eiichi-san.

It's on Harvard. I like it, good, fresh food. Healthy and reasonable.


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