I was driving west on Central near Old Town and I noticed a coming soon sign for Vinaigrette.  It's exciting to see a new restaurant in that area. Has anyone ever been to the orginal Vinaigrette in Santa Fe? I'm curious to hear any experiences. I'm really looking forward to a healthy alternative in that area of the city

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Have never been there ... but here's their site:  http://www.vinaigretteonline.com/

Love Vinaigrette in Santa Fe. Check out the story from the New Mexico Business Weely, below. We broke the story last week.
Story here:

Love Vinaigrette in Santa Fe and was so excited to see that they are opening a location here in Albuquerque. Love their salads. I'm an Eat Your Peas addict.

Friends who recently relocated to Santa Fe told me Vinaigrette was one of their new favorites up there. Said the Cobb Salad was easily the best Cobb they had ever had.  I'm looking forward to trying it!

I'm one of the friends of Neal raving about Vinaigrette. Two big thumbs up. Nice to know it will be an option in ABQ, too.

Went there with friends last Friday night.  Had to wait a bit but not long.  Vegetarians all, we were mightily impressed with the salads and sandwiches we were served . . . like some of the best food we've ever tasted.  Very happy to have Vinaigrette's in our neighborhood and we'll be returning on a regular basis to savor other menu items.


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