Hi everyone!


I'm new here to the Duke City. I moved from San Francisco about three weeks ago after graduating, finally, from SF State University with a Studio Arts degree in ceramics and textiles. Being that San Francisco is like the sardine can of cities, you walk out your door and practically run into all the cool craft stores, workshops, and studios with out even looking. Here, I find things a bit harder to find. I've come across a few places, like the chain stores (Michaels, JoAnns, and Hobby Lobby) as well as Hip Stitch, Langell's, and Quilt Works.


I guess I'm just curious what the Duke City has to offer as far as crafting resources go, and independent businesses of course. Can folks help me find my way around, and any future newbies? I'd be interested in the following:


general art supply

ceramic supply store

community clay studios

beading shops

fabric stores (any discount varieties or outlets?)

yarn shops

craft circles/knitting groups

weaving supply

art centers

cool galleries (emerging or national artists?)

shops that sell handmade goods?


Thanks for your help! :)


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Nob Hill Fabric                           Central and Solano

New Grounds Print Workshop Central and Solano

Off Center Community Art Space     Central and 8th

Yarn Store in Nob Hill                   Amherst north of Central

Old Town Bead and Fetish           just south of the plaza

Downtown growers market           Central and 8th- Robinson park

Village Wools for weaving, looms, etc. N.M. Clay is the biggest in the state, both retail & wholesale and they also can fire for you; that's the ceramics supplier.

We used to have a great discount fabric store in Santa Fe, Bonanza fabrics, but when the owner wanted to retire she decided to close rather than sell. There is a new store, I kinda know the owner, Santa Fe Fabrics, check them out online (pricey). I'd personally would love to be in a position to create a craft lounge. I'm still looking into it. If you have an Etsy store, or account with a storefront even if you have nothing in it for sale, you can join our less than a year old Etsy team: New Mexy Etsy. Most members live here or the general vicinity and we are trying to be very active. Hey, if you run into any craft circles, I'd love to know. Some of the libraries host local knitting/crocheting groups, but it might be a bunch of people my age (which compared to you is, not old enough to be your grandmother, but well old enough to be your mother). For shops that sell handmade check out the Octopus & the Fox on Central in Edo. One of the owners is on our Etsy team. They also have some amazing vintage. Check around Old Town as well. Oh, community clay studios--maybe Coyote Clay?

Where is your NM Etsy team?? I have an Etsy store...and need more traffic... working on a NM blog to stir up some interest in the NM area. Let me know Martha..please..
Hi. Go on to Etsy and up on the top bar where it says community, in the drop down menu under it there are 4 choices. Choose "team" taking you to a main team page and then type in New Mexy Etsy. Explore what is there a bit. It is also on FB and there is a blog as well. We do have a few easy requirements. Most of us joined to help traffic. I've been lucky, with my Nuevomexcelente store (my other one is Wear Your Passion) to get put in a lot of team treasuries and I need to give back on that, and put in a lot of circles which is also a ditto for me on that. But it has not resulted in sales. Then again, art tiles are a real hard sell. But we are trying. I'd loved to go to the next meeting, but it is very late in the day and this time it's in Bosque Farm. But yes, we do have meetings, sometimes online, I've been to all but one.

There is store called QUILT WORKS over on Juan Tabo and Menaul (11117 Menaul Blvd NE)

Also Ann Silva's Bernina store on Menaul(3101 Menaul NE) just west of Carlisle.. they have a gorgeous selection of HIGH end fabrics, quilt patterns, all kinds of beautiful threads, etc. Don't know what all you are looking for, but would start with these well established places. I'm sure there are probably some unique shops in Old Town.... there was a weaving shop that had beautiful hand woven rugs, runners, table mats, etc made locally in the state, many from the Chimayo region.

There are quite a few independent artists, rubber stamp type, altered artists etc.. I think many in this group (I am one, I teach classes in my studio out of my home. you can see my work at www.highdesertstamper.com)

There is Scraps Galore over off Jefferson, and China Phx2 off 2nd street for altered arts, scrapbooking, stamping supplies. I also have a list of resources where you can purchase supplies to make things from online companies.

Hello!  Wanted to mention that The Yarn Store offers (free!) "open knitting" during all of our store hours; Friday evenings are especially fun.  We are always excited to host someone who's new to Albuquerque!


Also, a gallery/design group that may be of interest to you.  They're on the north side of downtown near the intersection of Broadway and Mountain.


Welcome to NM!

Woo Hoo! Thanks for all the great suggestions so far and keep 'em coming!




Yarn: Village Wools, The Yarn Store

Also be sure to check out the Taos Wool Festival coming up in October!


We also have a little yarn hour get down on Weds with a bunch of down gals ..PM me for more details, or find me on Face Book (Alaska Bass Piper)


Art supplies: Artisans (on Monte Vista and Richmond in Nob Hill)


ceramic supply: New Mexico Clay (not sure of the exact address..Near Candelaria and Girard)


shop for handmade goods: Octopus and the Fox (on Central near Edith)


Mad Craft luvz,


Also be sure to check out Papers in Nob Hill for cute paper crafts stuff and all sort of other cuteness.

Thanks Alaska... I checked out Artisans the other day actually. I was much more impressed with it than I was with Langell's. Can't wait to check out Octopus and the Fox.

What are folks favorite gallery spaces? I checked out Mariposa the other day and thought it was pretty neat...
Also for fabrics - go check out Hip Stitch on San Antonio!  The owner is a doll, her fabrics and patterns are wonderful, and she does great parties and classes: http://www.hipstitchabq.com/


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