so i really want to get a photobooth for my wedding but they are NOT cheap: think thousands of dollars. and i don't think they deliver booths to the mountains... :(
so my online quest began for DIY alternatives.

i came upon this site: diy photobooth about how to make your own booth (looks a bit hard for me!)

this site: photoboof for computer software

and i also found some simple advice on a makeshift booth:

Directions: 1. Set up an area with your backdrop (could be fabric or a wall) 2. Set up your camera on a fixed tripod (We used a digital camera 3. Test the exposure/on camera flash and framing a few times and make adjustments as needed 4. Mark off the maximum area (with tape) that your guests can stand in and still be visible through the lense 5A. Have your guests use a remote control or cable release to take the pictures themselves (Be sure to have easy instructions to let your guests know what/how to do this… we made a simple illustration and had it framed next to the area) OR 5B. Have someone man the area and take the picture for your guests. TIPS: *Have someone (the band/DJ) announce to the guests to remember to visit the photobooth before the night ends. *Place the booth in an area where there is some traffic but not too much to distract. *We used professional lighting but an on camera flash will work as well. *We also had our guests write a message to us before their picture to place next to their picture in a photo guest book album… * Have fun!

has anyone made a Photobooth or DIY'd something like this?

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I was literally just about to post a discussion to see if there's any place in ABQ to get a photobooth! Very cool

that's so funny! here's a link for ABQ
I skimmed the tutorial, I could definitely help with the construction, but I think the programming might be a bit tricky.
i think the programming would definately be Sean's department. also, we don't have a laptop! gah! would it be too big to haul up to the mountains??
the only issue with setting up your own photobooth via laptop or digital camera is that, with so many people, and usually alcohol, there is a good chance of the tripod getting bumped into or something along those lines.
I was at a bridal show this weekend and found a place that rents out photo booths locally!! Photo Booth Rentals of New Mexico. Just thought I'd share :)
I contact that company photo booth rentals of NM this weekend, and we ended up booking them for our wedding at the end of April. I am so excited! We decided that the cost would be worth it b/c we won't do any favors now, as people will have their photo strips as favors.

our save the date also was a collage of all of our photobooth strips from over the years, so its in keeping with a "theme".

so far they are really nice to deal with, and i am most excited for this particular part of the wedding.
that's so exciting! i'm totally jealous! i wish i could afford a booth, but that's a great idea on using it as your favors! also nice that it's part of a theme. i like themes. :D please tell us how it turns out! and pictures!

Not sure if you have already seen this or not. But when I came across it tonight I immediately thought of you :)
THANKS! i had not seen this! i just emailed them to see how much it costs...
I noticed that this is a really old discussion, but check with your professional photographer to see if they have 'photobooth" capabilities (essentially, a portable studio and a second photographer).

Most pro photogs I know have this ability so check and see what your options are.

They are super-fun and I highly recommend them.
Kim Jackson Photography ( offers a "photobooth" at weddings! She'll be doing one for my wedding in February :)


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