Hi--we're moving to ABQ in the next few weeks and I'm looking for any recommendations for a good peditrician or group of peditricians. Thanks in advance! Jen

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When I arrived to Albuquerque I requested recommendations for a pediatrician also. My youngest was 7 years old at the time. Dr. Kulasinghe has been a good physician for my two sons in particular. My daughter opted for another physician simply because she was more comfortable with the idea of seeing a female. What is your criteria for a good physician?
I take my son to Dr. David Allison at New Mexico Pediatrics on Montgomery between Wyoming & Eubank. He's great! The clinic is also open until 11pm during the week and they have an office on the Westside which is open on the weekends. The late night clinic is called "After Hour Pediatrics." They're very easy to get in for new patients. Welcome to Albuquerque!
We take our kids to Dr. Allison as well. I will second the fact that he is fantastic. He takes time to talk to the kids and to address any concerns. I've also never had difficulty getting an appointment quickly when the kids are sick. I also have many friends whose kids see Dr. Guy Crocetti at the same office.
I take my kids to Dr Sumner on Spain between Eubank and Juan Tabo. Pediatric Health Services. We've liked him so far (three years). He doesn't push the vacs if you don't want them. My only complaint is that they have a computer in each exam room on which they will show a kids movie if you don't request otherwise. Or you can turn it off yourself. So not much of a complaint in the end.
Best. Pediatrician. Ever. is Dr. Guy Crocetti at After Hours Pediatrics.
AMEN. Love him.
Another vote for NM Pediatrics and Drs. Allison and Crocetti! LOVE LOVE LOVE them and the entire practice.
Thanks to everyone for their input! We decided on Dr. Allison and he is wonderful! Thanks again for the great information.




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