Any fun ones that are more than a week?  We did Academy Camp last year, but are wondering what else is out there.

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Manzano Day School & the JCC have a longer programs. One year we combined a week at the Natural History Museum with a couple of weeks at Explora. I've heard good things about the zoo and aquarium, but I think they are just 1 week programs.

We use St. Johns Preschool Plus, their summer camp flier just came out.  They have weekly camps at $100 a week with a range of activities lasting all summer.  They had children from 2-7yo last year, if I remember correctly.  They have a very stable staff, teachers have been there for years.  We have gone there for years and like it.  They are at Menaul and San Pedro. 2626 Arizona Street NE

We also went to Congregation B'nai the summer before last.  Their age cut off is 5yo I believe.  Also very nice. Their field trips stressed me out a bit, but no complaints at all when they were at their own campus. They also last all summer, you pay for 2 seperate sessions (1st half of summer and 2nd half) On Indian School and Washington 266-0155

There are also some gymnastic places that have summer camps, many years ago we used Fundamentals Gymnastics for a summer camp.

Best of luck


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