Anyone having any fun out there these days?


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Let's see.....
1. Still recovering from my highside in Aug '08 - crushed kneecap.....
2. Rather than signing off on permission for me to telecommute from Edgewood, NM as they had promised, Sprint decided to include me in their last big layoff.....
3. Haven't found a replacement job yet, either in ABQ area, or here in KC metro area....

on the other hand....
1. The "shattered tibia" has healed up fine, and overall, there are a lot of people out there that are hurt much worse than I am....
2. Although they don't realize it, it's Sprint's loss, not mine....
3. There's a job out there, I just haven't found it yet....
4. In addition to the job search, I'm using the time to get my instrument rating and CFI license.

Oh, and after a week straight of cold, gray weather here in KC, the sun is shining today.

So, all in all, I'm good.

Yes! Fun all around! I commute every day on my bike but looking forward to some longer trips. This is the best time of year for day trips. What's the plan??

I don't know if people know that Neonoodle and LadyNoodle abandoned us back to the northwest (Seattle). We need to post some pictures of local trips to make them jealous.
Funny, J!

Bob, hoping you get back on track. Bummer to hear about the issues.

As for us, we're just kickin' it. Nothing exciting!

Are you kidding? The wife is gone to SoCal for two weeks. Now I can work on the bikes. OK, and paint a bed room.
Hi Wag...

Maybe riding to T or C this weekend... Silver City last weekend! Great riding weather..
Yeah, I've been lazy the last few weeks. Need to change the oil on the bad girl and get her back out for a ride again. She's gettin' antsy!

I had exhilarating riding through weather I didn't predict this evening...


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