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Beautiful!! I also have a new bike, a 2012 Triumph Tiger. It's a dream. Will post pictures.

Nice!  Tall bike, right?

It's a barely-used (2100 mil) 2012 street model Tiger 800.  It still has pretty good off-road capability, but is lower than the 800 XC and also has an adjustable seat.  It is slightly taller than my Honda 599 was and I am going to have PJ's lower it a little more.  I can handle it okay, but I'm on my tiptoes and it could be awkward on uneven ground or having to back it up.  It really is a dream to ride, though!  It is a barely-used 2012 (2100 mi on the odometer).  For some reason, I can't get a pic to post, even though I reduced the size.

What year is your BMW?  It really is a gorgeous bike.

My bike

Really nice.  May mean changing your riding style a bit.

I tried out the beemer GS and the R1200R and they're tall, too -- very similar to the Tiger.

People who own them, love them.

I actually found the Corbin seat too low on my bike and swapped with someone for a stock seat with a flip-up passenger seat that becomes a back-rest.



L.C. - there is a guy who parks next to me at the VA who has a grey one - I think it's like a 2003 - and he keeps it looking like new. He's had it since it was new.

This morning on my way to work, where Menaul goes under the freeway there  some cop cars and other first-responders and I thought I saw a cream colored bike like yours.  I hope you didn't crash... do you know anything about this?!


Thanks for asking -- wasn't me.  There aren't that many around.  They stopped production in 2004 and only made a small number each year since '98 I think.  They're somewhat rare. 


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