From the RidingwithPride group, this sounds like fun.

***** JAIL BREAK ***** So here is the deal. 5-30-09 I will be imprisoned in a court required Driver improvement class from 8am - 3pm. Yes, I was a very fast driver and the fuzz caught me. I am very bad; spank me. I am proposing a Jail Break ride starting at St Pius at 3pm that will take us to mantano, through the valley and ending up for ice cream or an early dinner. Hey, when can you ever say that you participated in a jail break?

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I said okie dokie to this ride on the RWP site if I'm not working that day .. but wondering ... if Chad is getting out at 3pm .. and the ride starts out from St Pius at 3pm.... time isn't adding up ....
EeeeeeGadds .... I sheered the rear sprocket on my bike yesterday ... hoping I'll have the new ones in before this ride and I wont have to work sat either .... sproket arrival time doesn't look good tho . :-(
Ok, ended up buying and installing a chain kit on my kawa today .. This "Jail Break" ride is actually scheduled for tomorrow "Saturday May 30th" .. 3pm

AMRG has a morning ride planned also, meetup at Murphy's Mule Barn, KSU 10:15 .. only 3 rsvp's so far .. and one of those might not ride anyway .. gggrrrrrrrrrr ... heh ..
My Saturday is pretty full, but I'm thinking I'll be able to squeeze in the jail break ride. I need to get out and that sounds like fun.
Damnit, I wish I could but I have to be at a baby shower that afternoon. Good luck and have fun!!
I would so be there, but have plans already. I did get my street bike out here. I'm ready to ride with you again.
David's proposing a ride to the crest on Sunday. What kind of street bike do you have, wFlybutter?
My monster. I'm game, Ill check out the time. To see if it all fits in.
I just got home form a dirt ride with Johnny T. It was fun as always. ~ Wendi


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