Two young adults came to my door yesterday claiming to sell magazine subscriptions which would earn them points to send them to college. The "company" they solicit for is called Independent Contractors Service. They ask you to choose a magazine to subscribe to and then you are supposed to rate them for neatness, politeness, and so forth. I had a really bad feeling after I'd written out my cheque, so I researched ICS on the internet. Sure enough, it's a scam.

Hopefully none of you is as credulous as I was.

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Hi, I don't know how long you have lived in the neighborhood, but on Smith ave, where we have our house, this would happen constantly, and I presume it is mostly about casing homes. Do not let these people peek inside your house, unless you want to show them your ferocious attack dog. Be very careful with these "solicitors", not just for magazines, but they also try and sell carpet cleaning, alarm systems, and any other kind of crap just to get a foot in your door.



Thanks, Margaret. Unfortunately they did get to peek in the door, although luckily all they would have seen is my ancient TV and a lot of books! I"ll be extra watchful the next few weeks.  I live on Inspiration Dr and have had someone come round trying to sell an alarm system, too, within the last six months. The tactics seemed similar...your neighbors are buying them (they give names of neighbors, presumably in order to try to cultivate a sense of trust), etc. Perhaps this would be a good issue for me to get on the radar at the next PHNA meeting, at least to raise awareness.



Also live on Smith street and over the years the "crews" come through with the predictability of the seasons! There is a direct correlation between these crews and crime. Most, if not all crews are made up of homeless, or runaway teens and there is almost always drug use involved. They travel the country and many end up coerced to stay in these traveling crews. Last time they came through we just called the police, who then ran them off. Best to nip it in the bud immediately. Nothing has changed since this article from 2008



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