Time to update the Parkland Hills NA website! The president's e-mail is wrong, the info is old, maybe we need new officers. We sure need a new webmaster.

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I agree! Trying to find any info about anything on there is a nightmare! So... then I decided to email, that didn't work either!
There should be a meeting in May... usually the first Tuesday or Thursday. I think Monica Lovato is still involved, she's on DCF, perhaps you could email and ask her. Here is her page.
Just moved to the area and I'm willing to help out with the website. I'm a web designer and developer. Who should I contact?
That's cool David!
That's the problem, the website contact for the president is incorrect so you could try Monica Lovato's DCF page (see previous post by Masshole). Or check out the website and see if any of the other contact e-mails are accurate—
Hi my name is Monica Lovato I am the president for the Parkland Hills Neighborhood Association. Please feel free to contact me anytime direct line 463-5406 my personal email is mojolovato@msn.com I have a very dedicated crew. We definitely could use all the participation any of you all are willing to give. Our general meeting is Tuesday May 4 6:30pm Whittier community Center.
Thank you, Monica!
I am interested in helping with the website and so is above poster, David. I guess we should just come to the meeting and volunteer for stuff!
I'd like to encourage everyone to go to the NA meetings. Our neighborhood is a special place and we are the one's who make it that way!
We are getting ready to send out our semi annual newsletter, which goes out to 1500 people personally delivered by volunteers head by Dan Spanogle. If anyone would like to buy an ad get with Dan by next week or help with delivery. You can find him on Fringecrestors. Our board members meet every 3rd Monday at 6:30pm at Whittier Community Center. ALL are welcome!!! David, Tiefa please call me and plan on attending. We so could use your help w website. Our person resigned and many have said they would help but haven't followed through.
Hi Fringecresters. Parkland Hills Neighborhood could sure use your support. The general meeting is Tuesday May 4 6:30pm at Whittier. We have great speakers lined up and lots of food and of course the normal amazing door prizes. The board meets once a month. Every 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30pm at Whittier. THAT IS TONIGHT. Earlier I left my personal email and phone number because it is hard to get through on our website. So contact me if you would like to help or show up at the meeting tonight.
I would just like to say that the volunteers we have are dedicated and amazing and this organization could not run without each one of them doing their part.
I'll definitely be there may 4.
Can't make it tonight though.


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