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I just finally bought a house in the NE Hts and it has 2 Williams wall heaters and 2 wall furnaces enclosed in a metal false wall, one tween the living room and the kitchen and the other in the hallway near bedrooms and bathrooms.    I haven't a clue who makes these or if they are still operational.   Does anyone here have and use these heaters and have info on their operation, efficiency and safety?  even their manufacturer?

I'm wanting to change them out but haven't been able to test them yet as the gas is off and the meter is still missing until I satisfy the city inspector.

I am also talking to a contractor who seemed a bit offhand and just wants me to demolish these and put in central AC and heat.  I like my swamp cooler and I likde my tall hallway

I want to be energy efficent but also want to get this house ship-shape very soon without $20K worth of work I've been quoted.

Any company who can service and evaluate these would be appreciated too!




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I think you will be able to find new wall furnaces to replace them for just a few hundred dollars. I don't think they are the most efficient, but surely they will be better than the existing units. They sell them at lowes/home depot. We had them too, but I removed them and decided to go with a fireplace insert to heat the home. One section of the home gets fairly cold still, so I've been thinking about how to heat that area.

My gas inspector told me that he sees lots and lots of these old built-in  (as opposed to Williams wall heater) vertical furnaces in many houses in the NE Hts and many still use them.  I guess it's not true of still-active members of DCF who see this group.  I may see if I can rely on one of them over this coming winter so I can space out my large purchases.  But for now, time to post another question regarding cooling!


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