Coming soon: Two big Improvements at the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Libraries

Two upgrades are on the way to the ABC Libraries.

Beginning on September 8th, PINs will be added to all Library account logins to provide greater security and privacy for cardholders. When logging in to your online library account, you will be asked for your card number and PIN. PINs will also be required to use the self check-out machines, and to access library eBooks, digital audiobooks, and databases.

Requiring both the library card number and a PIN presents a challenge for anyone who might try to gain unauthorized access to your library account. The ABC Libraries have introduced many new online account features, such as saving favorite searches and making online payments, and will have more coming soon. Your account privacy has become more important than ever before. And requiring PINs at the automated check-out stations means that if your card is ever stolen, it cannot easily be misused to check out library items.

Starting September 8th, you can set your PIN:

  • by logging in to your account at the Library's website:
  • at any ABC Library on the catalog terminals
  • in person at any ABC Library service desk.

Staff will be ready and available during this transition to help you activate your PIN.

Also on September 8th, we will begin an upgrade to the software that manages all public computers in the libraries. The new software saves money, and we are passing that savings on to our community. After September 8th, ABC Libraries will no longer charge for computer access!

The new system requires installation and testing on hundreds of computers across 17 branches. Individual branches will come back online as their installations are completed. Some branches will have access beginning on September 10th, and the Library expects to have full service restored to all the branches by the first week in October.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Will patrons still be able to add money to their account for printing with the new system?


Printing will still work the same way it does now. Thanks for the question!

Won't this make it difficult for children to check out books?  Will a librarian be able to find their pin number for them is they forget it?

Yes, if someone forgets their PIN, we will be able to reset it for them, as long as we can confirm that it is his or her card. Currently, you need a pin to log in to our computers, so many children are already familiar with the concept. But we know sometimes people - adults and children - will forget. 

At the same time, children (and adults) who leave their cards in the library will be protected from having someone else use their card to check out materials on their account.


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