The Erna Fergusson Library is closing for renovations beginning on September 9th.  When we reopen, we’ll have more space for computers, more space for books, and more space for people to work. We’ll also have better air conditioning, so it will be a more comfortable library to visit.

While Erna Fergusson is closed, we will add Sunday (1 p.m. – 5 p.m.)  and Monday (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.) hours at the Juan Tabo Library, 3407 Juan Tabo NE, between Comanche and Candelaria.

Other nearby libraries are:

If you usually pick up your holds at Erna Fergusson, they will be sent to Juan Tabo unless you let us know you would rather have them delivered to another library. You can call our Customer Services Office at 505-768-5170 or email us at Just include your name, library barcode number and where you want to pick up your holds.

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"Other nearby libraries are:"

The city quadrants for the last three on this list should be NE, NW, and SE.

Fixed. Thanks.
This library is listed as a Voting Center for the Oct. 4 Municipal Election.  But it's closing for renovations beginning on September 9th.  Will that work?
Yes, we have arranged to have a section of the library open and accessible on Oct. 4 for the election.   Thanks for asking about that.


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