A long time ago before my wife and I started having kids, I would fish 2-3 times per month. Now the kiddos are old enough and enjoy being outdoors so help me remember where to go.

I used to go the the Jemez a lot. Mostly fly fishing on the East Fork, Has anybody been there lately?
We did some fishing in Pecos on Bull Creek and Cow Creek, and spent a long day at Blue Water.
Is there any fish in Blue Water?

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I know this started a while back, but the east fork in Jemez is getting fished out. Alot more people go and the fish are getting smaller and smaller. I like Santa Barbara national forest. Hidden in northern NM, if you go far enough up the trail starting at the campground you can catch some cutthroat trout.
What kind of fish are you looking for? Bass- Elephant Butte, need a boat of course. Cat, off the bottom.
Blue water- My father used to take me there when I was a kid, back in the 60's . WOW!! We quit going there in the 70's as it was just trashed out and have not been there in years. Pecos, the same thing, WAY over fished and the locals don't seem to pay much attention to "limits". Jemez, unfortunately the same thing there. From Battleship rock down is really difficult to access. lots of overhang and brush.
If you want to get into the big ones, go to the San Juan quality waters. GET A GUIDE. It is extremely technical fishing and you must know how to fish it or you will get skunked. with a guide, you should be able to catch 15-20 per day ranging from 15-22 inch. big fat ones.
I know you posted this a while ago, but I am new to Dukecityfix, and was going to start a fly fishing group when I found this one.
Hope this helps

Man I have been to busy to check this. I love to fly fish but seems there is never enough time to go. Please give me some easy day trips.

my son is 11 and is interested in learning fly fishing. I am alright but getting a lesson from someone that is good would be worth the money. any suggestions?



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