DCF Knit Night was started recently at the Flying Star at 3416 Central Ave SE. Open to anyone who would like to share some company and tips. Please feel free to join us with your craft of choice.

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Is this group still meeting? I showed up last night at about 7:15pm and no one was there armed with any knitting needles...
Yes we are still meeting, I was there for a short while last night but left when I didn't see any familiar faces, sorry I missed you. I have a fear of knitting alone in public but I'll stick around longer next time just in case there are newbees.
FYI, I will not be there on Monday 6/30/08.
Will anybody be there tonight? After a long string of business at work and with visitors and vacation, I would like to get back to knitting. So, any takers?
Just a note - I forgot that in order to be paid for the holiday I need to work tonight, so I won't be there this evening. Sorry y'all.
I'll be there tonight drinking tea and starting a new pair of socks.
I'm planning on coming tonight! I can't wait to meet yall... what time? 7:00?
Seven is correct, see you there!
Save me a seat, I'm planning on making it to the group tonight (7/21).
I will not be at knitting tonight for anyone else going, it is time to register for fall soccer and as much as I love knitting, I love soccer more!


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