My partner and I are new to town and are looking to find a gay or gay-friendly doctor. Can anyone give us any names or suggestions as to who we can contact? Thanks!

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Hi, I work at New Mexico AIDS Services. If you want, e-mail me at work, and I'll try to get you a good referral from my co-workers. Let me know if you have insurance and if so, what kind. Welcome to Albuquerque! --Kate
Hi Kate! Thanks so much for the reply! I will email you at work.
Hi Kevin.

Welcome to ABQ. Try Dr. Edward Fancovic--he's associated with the University of NM and primarily works out of the Academy location. I've been very pleased with him for the past six years. Here's some info that might be helpful:
UNM Family Health - Northeast Heights (NEH)
7801 Academy Blvd. NE
(505) 272-2700
You can call and find out if he's accepting any new patients.
Thanks Jay! I appreciate the information.
He used to be my doctor when I was in Albuquerque. I've moved from ABQ to San Francisco (lived there 4 years) and now to Chicago (lived here 4 years) and I haven't found a doctor who is as good and attentive as Dr Fancovic.

He was really a good doctor.

I will be back in ABQ (hopefully soon - within the next 5 years), and if he's still there and taking patients he is definitely the doctor I'll choose.
Thanks James! We have a couple of friends here in 'Burque who are patients of Dr. Francovic and they also speak highly of him. Thanks for the reply!
Dr. Francovic has been the contact point for reference to the LGBT/queer doctors in town for some time. Not sure if he still is, but I would recommend you call him even if you don't use him or he isn't available thru your insurance.

I too am a patient of his and like him very much.
Dr Sara Loetscher at Presbyterian Wyoming/Academy. She has a waiting list.
Hey there-

I work at the medical school and would recommend Martha Mugrew at UNM or Ann Morrison out in Northwest ABQ. Also - Teresa Anderson is a super GLBT friendly pediatrician if you all have kids.

Good luck! - Lou
I am new to the area as well. I called the recommended Doctor (Dr. Edward Fancovic) and they are not accepting new patience. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have BCBS insurance, thanks.

Try Dr. David Hardwicke. He is with Lovelace Medical Group. Not sure if he accepts BCBS??
New to town here, too. What about a gay or gay friendly dentist?


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