Announcing a gay men and friends spirituality discussion group. Our first meeting will be at the Frontier restaurant at 7:30pm thursday august 19. in the back room if there is space there. All persons of any or no faith walk are welcome. We can talk about the positive and negative effects of spirituality in our lives, about love and hate, about desire, fulfillment and frustration, about happiness and loneliness, and about how we can improve ourselves as individuals, as partners in a relationship, and as members in the local and global community. At this first meeting we will try to decide on a place and time and format for future meetings. If anyone has suggestions , they can also post them here. Blessings to all. Ned

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Thanks Ned for getting this posted. I hope there's no room in Frontier's back room simply because so many will have responded!

I'm gonna try to be there.
This is a follow-up to Thursday's meeting. It was a pleasant gathering, next Thursday it won't be in Frontier's "backroom" but the room next to the backroom - you'll figure it out. The guys spoke about some serious topics and in the end we concluded that maybe the real reason for getting together is to expand our circle of friends. It was a round table discussion that allowed itself to flow from topic to topic, you know, how friends talk.

So, if you'd like to find more people to add to your tapestry of relationships this might be somewhere to look. The only requirement is to bring your personality and your conversation to the table. If you like, you can also buy a drink or have your dinner while we chat. Thursday, 7:30 to 8:30/9:00, maybe you'll come along.
How did the second meeting go?
The meeting was good. More new faces. Come along if you like and bring a friend as well. We mentioned again that perhaps the true purpose of the group is to expand our circle of friends, I think that is beginning to happen.

You already know the time & place. Look for the table in the back room with a bunch of guys asking questions and ranting a bit. :)
The group is beginning to take on a form and a direction. It seems everyone is feeling some connection. So again, everyone is welcome to join in.

We are moving to a different location: The Cube Restaurant

Same day and time: Thursday, 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Come, and expand your circle of friends!
Where is the cube restaurant? What kind of food. Do you eat and talk or just talk?
@ Norman

The Cube is here on DCF. From their page:
Where I Live:
1520 Central SE. Two blocks west University Blv On the South side of Central. UNM AREA
About Me:
Memphis BBQ, Specialty Hot-dogs & American Comfort Food.
From slow hickory smoked meats to fresh homemade everyday meals. WE ARE THE PLACE FOR COMFORT FOOD!

When you go to their site you will find the menu, it goes from soup & salads, to hotdogs & burgers, to full dinners.

Some of the guys eat and talk, some just talk. You're invited, Thursday 7:30 to 9:00. One of the things to discuss tomorrow is going to a film during Closet Cinema as a group. Hope to see you tomorrow, vince
@ Norman - we'll be back at the Frontier this Thursday (10-21) from 7:30 to 9:00. We are usually at the round table in the last dining room.


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