There is a long and ongoing disucussion about where the GLBTQ community can call "home" in Albuquerque. Is it a local bar, or maybe a welcoming church, maybe an informal gathering in a restaurant? Well here's an opportunity to discuss and maybe get some traction for a center that might just benefit a whole lot of people. Why not join in the discussion and maybe its planning and development?

The organizers write:

Join us in preliminary discussions about what our Community Center would look and feel like. Where should it be located? How will it be funded? What type of business model might we use?

I am feeling like we should start small but have plenty of grander ideas swirling about.

I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you better!

Sorry for the time changes, but am flying with the great response here. I have reserved the Grande Room at Flying Star. If you plan to eat or get refreshments, please arrive early to we can begin promptly at 7. This is for WEDNESDAY, JULY 9.

The room is $30 so donations will be appreciated to cover this cost.

Future meetings will most likely be longer than an hour. Since this is our first, lets stay focused and figure out a plan of action so we can build momentum!


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I just joined the group. Not much activity around here. I gather you were the only one who showed up at your meeting? If more showed up, how did it go?


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