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So I'll be relocating in March from Denver, and I'm at a loss as to where I should live and the opportunities in Albuquerque. I've been before, but that was ten years ago and only as a tourist (hurrah for family vacations).

Thus far I've just been spinning my wheels as far as getting information about Albuquerque, and I thought it'd be easier to go to the source and ask you what your opinions are about living in Albuquerque, decent places to find accommodations (I'm looking to rent at first), and any general advice you may have.

Any information, and I mean anything, is greatly appreciated!


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I should add that I have scoured the forum here on the site, but I would prefer to hear some info from the GLBT community.
I would say live somewhere near the city core (downtown area, north UNM, nob hill, Ridgecrest, Fringecrest, etc.). But really, anywhere east of the river will give you access to nightlife, restaurants, and the more queer-frequent areas.

West of the river is pretty... well... straight suburbia and with longer commutes. However, I know plenty of LBGT folks that live there, but mostly with long-term partners and often kids of their own.
Check out the Wells Park/ Mountain District just north of downtown. It has become a place where many artists live and is walking distance to the museums in the area.
The Downtown neighborhoods are ace here in Albuquerque. EDO/Hunning Highlands/Martineztown/Santa Barbara, Wells Park, Barelas, 12th Street, etc.

Also, if you can afford it, the North and the South Valley are both beautiful places to live. It gets more expensive as you go north toward Corrales and Los Ranchos. It's nice for it's mixed use of land including agriculture, business and residential. There are lots of trees, and local wildlife, and if you live near the Rio Grande it's a plus for recreation, exercise, art, etc.


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