Does anyone have a recommendation of a place to take my Stella to be serviced BESIDES New Urban Transport? Surely someone goes somewhere else?! Let me know please. Advanced thanks!

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whats wrong with nut?
I'm sorry dude, I mean no offense. But every single time I take my scooter in there, I have some sort of frustrating experience. I don't think it's the fault of anyone who works there; everyone seems very nice and all. I just always feel that NUT doesn't have their shit together, and wanted to see what kind of service that other places would offer.
Thanks for being straight-up! Truth-be-told - we have been positively overwhelmed, especially in our service department - even this close to the end of the season. On behalf of the NUT staff, I apologize for any frustration you have undergone during this busy time of the year.

There are many options available for scooter service around town, but I can guarantee that none of those service agents ride Stellas themselves. 1/2 of the NUT employees ride these bikes [and 3/4, if you count my P200, which is the blueprint from which Stella came from] - so our mechanical knowledge of these bikes [as well as parts availability] is unparalleled.

If there is anything I may do to make your next experience at New Urban Transport more positive, please let me know. I uphold our quality of service!
Woah, Kent, you turned all professional on me. Do you own the place now, or what? But the problem isn't just because of the time of year, I've had these problems with NUT since I first bought my Stella back in March. I think the best thing that you can do to improve service, is see if they would maybe hire some more people. However, I know that is easier said than done with local businesses sometimes.

But by the way, it's not the actual service on my Stella that bothers me. I'm sure you all know what you're doing there, really, I have no doubt about that. It's just that my Stella is my primary transportation (no car), and when I take it in for some very minor work, I don't like that it takes NUT two weeks to even look at it without even so much as a call. And then when I pick it up, it bothers me when they tell me they didn't have time to do one of the things I asked them to do, but I shouldn't worry about it because it's minor! That's irritating.

I'll probably still be taking my scooter in there, but it bothers me a little feeling like I have no other option. Maybe if there was another place like NUT here in town, NUT would feel a little more compelled to up their turnaround time (and to remember to actually call their customers). But I'm sure I will still be taking my scooter in there, because I really do trust you folks with it. I just have to be ready to be without it for two weeks, and then call the store myself to figure out what's going on with it.
Hey! Sorry about the lull, I did not realize you had responded.

No, I don't own the place, I am just a concerned employee. You are absolutely right, 2 weeks is far too long to wait for minor service to be performed, especially without being notified.

There is no excuse for this dire lack of customer service, and I can only offer up my apologies, on behalf of the staff here at NUT, for your inconveniences.

I will be going over this incident with my co-workers, and ask that you give us another chance. Our service department really has been inundated for most of this year, but again, that is no excuse for leaving you in the dark and not keeping a proper time frame for your repair.
Like I said, I will still probably be taking my scooter in to NUT. I just wish that NUT had some good competition that would force them to up their service a little bit.

If you really are going to talk to the powers that be at NUT, here are my complaints:

1. Takes far too long to get work done. Three times now it's taken 10-14 days to finish with my scooter. That sucks for me, as it's my only transportation.

2. Lack of communication with customers. When you have my scooter for a week and don't call me, that's bad. I need to know what's going on. It feels like I have to harass NUT to find out what's going on. I shouldn't have to do that.

But I hope that I've expressed that my experiences with NUT haven't been all bad. I always appreciate the extremely friendly staff. I've never had a bad experience with an employee. Everyone is always happy to answer any questions I may have, and I'm always being invited to join the scooter club, which is nice, because you could easily have the "we're too cool for you attitude". You all are actually too cool for me, but it's nice to be treated like that's not the case. Once I had a problem with the scooter and your mechanic was nice enough to spend some time with me on the phone, talking me through some troubleshooting. That was really great of him, I thought.

So thanks again for talking to me, Kent, and listening to a concerned customer. I'll see you around.
Cheers to you, sir. Thank you for your straightforward honesty in the matter.

... But too cool? We're a total bunch of geeks! You've got to come riding with us sometime. We keep a shoddy excuse for a message board over at Hope to see you at a Third Sunday Ride!

Oh, and competition may be coming sooner than you think! Things are afoot in the scooter business scene here.
NUT is closing. I repeat. New Urban Transport is closing down. They are going out of business.
Well holy crap. Thanks for the tip, good person. How do you know this? I guess I really do need to find a new shop then. Any tips?
Scraping together my resources to open a new shop in the old NUT space. *) Stay tuned.
Good luck! I don't know if I could be of much help but if there is something I could do please don't hesitate to ask. I got tools and repair skills.


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