I've got a question for y'alls. When I leave for work in the morning on my Stella, I leave behind huge, and I mean, HUGE clouds of white smoke behind me. This lasts for a couple of miles and then goes away. When I'm driving home from work in the afternoon, it smokes a little, but stops after 30 seconds or so.

So what's the deal? Is is the oil I'm using? To be honest, I don't remember the brand I'm using right now. I just buy 2 stroke oil off the shelf when I need it.

Thanks everyone.

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It could mean you need to change your spark plug. It could be old and have a bunch of crud on it. Some say it should be changed every 500 miles. It should be a light tan color if all is good.

It means that you are running overly rich - too much gas - air mixture screw or carburetor could use adjusting.

Blue smoke good, white smoke bad. Also check your gear oil.

But I am no mechanic. Take it to Nick.

Only use good quality 2 stroke oil. I use a synthetic that I pick up from Cycle Gear. I would only use the stuff from Pep Boys in a pinch.

Let us know what it turns out to be.
Dude, you rule. Thank you very much for responding. I had just given up hope that anyone would answer me on here. I'll check the spark plug, and let you know what I see. I don't know anything about any air mixture screw, so I'll take it in to Nick soon. It's due for a check up anyway. I don't know what Cycle Gear is, but I'll look it up and only buy my oil from there from now on.

Thanks again. I'll post the results as I find them.
Cycle Gear is on Cutler and San Mateo in that mall where CompUSA used to be and were Old Navy is.

5000 Cutler Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Nick Approved.
Oh yeah, I know that mall. I'll look for that place next time I'm getting my skinny half-caff vanilla latte from Starbucks and getting some new plaid shorts and striped polo shirts from Old Navy.
I found out it could be that you need to change your gear oil and look for any gas that could be getting past a seal and into your gear box. In which case you need to replace a seal. But I'm no mechanic.
Hmm. Okay. I'm no mechanic either, so I don't really know what any of that is about, but when I get around to taking it in I'll see what Nick says. I'm not sure when I'll get around to taking it in, but when I do I'll let you know what the diagnosis is.

BTW, when I took it in to NUT, their diagnosis was: "Oh, I forgot to check that. It's probably no big deal, though."
smoke on cold start-up usually means oil is seeping into the cylinder. piston rings &/or a blow seal is usually the culprit. that you get some but less on an afternoon 'cold' start would make sense since your motor probably sits longer overnight.

pick-up a hot tub while you're in that mall too.
That's probably it. It's actually gotten a little better the last week or so. It doesn't smoke all that much in the morning if I've just ridden it the day before, but this morning after sitting all weekend it smoked like hell.

Thanks for responding to this, the both of you. Your help is very much appreciated.

And I sure wish I could pick up a new duvet over there, but Linens 'n Things is gone now. :( I guess I'll just get a Java Juice.
Don't forget to pick up some Sexy Stylin Sauce for your quaff at Sally's Beauty Supply.
I am just glad to see some activity over here! Scoots unite!


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