I use my scooter from the warm days of Spring to late Autumn.  I don't use it from November to mid-February because of wind chill & moisture.  For those who do use their scooters throughout the year I'm wondering what you wear to stay warm and not dress like you're exploring the polar caps.  I haven't figured out a way to stay warm and dry without tons on clothes and because I'm in and out of many offices and making runs it doesn't make sense for me to have lots and lots of layers that need to be removed every time I walk into a building.

So, how do you stay warm and dry during the winter months?  Any suggestions?

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The next best thing is to have a jacket with alot of layers built into it. I'm partial to my Teknic gear. Here is a jacket with alot of features for all weather including rain.


It might be a little pricey for a scooter guy but if your a courier it has all kinds of pockets to store stuff. There is a huge pocket on the outside lower back to store the liner in when you dont want to wear it. Or use it to carry other stuff like warmer gloves or lunch. The Aquavent is a lower priced ulternative. But doesn't have near as many features.


Or the ultimate upgrade would be a heated vest. But I dont think a scooters charging system is up to that much draw. If your super low budget find a garbage bag and cut out head and arm holes and make sure its under a tight fiting jacket of some sort so it doesnt flap in the wind. And for the legs the cheapest way to go is pantyhose and breadbags in your boots over your feet.

Hope this helped,

(I am the Teknic Rep for Albuquerque, if you need to know who carrys my gear send me a note.)


Thanks for the information and options.  Pantyhose?  I usually reserve that for evening wear.  LOL


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