What kind of business are you in? Better yet, like me, do you have a short version and a lengthy version?

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I actually make clothing and accessories, and I'm local.... Hit me up if ya want!
I help people Creatively Organize their spaces. From the basics of clearing out clutter and trash, to creating files and systems for organizing papers, closets, books, etc., to finding homes for unwanted items, moving furniture for better use of space, and painting or other suggestions for visual impact. Furniture, clothing, and other household items can be recycled to consignment, thrift stores or shelters, books to used bookstores for $, some items can be repurposed in the home for other uses. My goal is to help people, in a non-judgemental way, feel more comfortable in their space when the job is complete. My business is called Creative Organizing Solutions.
I'm Jamie. I design and construct punk/goth/heavy metal/alternative clothing and accessories and I sell online and at a couple of stores here in town under my Warning Label brand. All of my items are one of a kind and handmade, no sweatshops or overseas construction. It's all me. There's a long version too.... If you ever want to know how I came up with the name Warning Label, it's a story. :)
I have a truck rental and leasing business. It's called Performance Truck Leasing. We are a locally owned company specializing in 16' and 24' box trucks, all white, automatic, with lift gates. We pick up and deliver our trucks. We also offer truck maintenance. We don't have the overhead of Ryder and Penske so our rates are very competitive. Call 505-306-3100 if you are in need of a truck or maintenance.
Hello all,

I just joined this group, nice to meet you all. I am a freelance Graphic, Logo, & Website designer, specifically working with start-up and new entrepreneurs in their venture to create a brand image that will stand out from their competitors. My website is AnythingGraphic.net.

Again, nice to meet you all. If you need help in any aspect of graphic design, feel free to ask me.

I am an independent consultant whose practice includes program development consulting, grant writing and administration (including compliance), business plan development, and evaluation projects. My practice focuses on planning and developing government-funded social service and health programs and providing guidance on implement them. I help service and healthcare organizations do a better job of serving their constituents by helping them address their programming, administrative, and funding challenges. 

I am hoping that it is okay that I "liked" this group! My name is Jean Mason and I am a Scentsy Representative. Scentsy is a fire/lead/ash/soot free candle, that is safe for everyone. We have over 80 different scents and 30 different warmers to choose from! Our warmers come in full/warm/and plug in sizes, they are warmed by 15/20/25 watt light bulbs depending on the size of warmer. 


We also have several other items, inlcuding Scentsy Buddies (huggle, lovable stuffed animals), scent paks, car candles, car circles, room sprays, and anti-bacterial fragrance foams.


Scentsy takes a big part in charity as well - We have a Campus Collection, and Patriot Collection, as well as a Cause of the Season (which is different every season) and 100% of the net proceeds go to benefit charties related to these causes. =]


I would love to talk to you more if you are interested about any of this! Be my friend on here - or FaceBook (Jean Mason) I also have a Scentsy page linked to my Facebook, where I am offering a Birthday Special. I also post other sales and specials on there often. =] Hope to hear from you soon!


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