We are looking for a motivated teacher/ leader to help guide this group.

PLAY(Parents Learning (or Laughing)Alongside theirYoung) Group is a family cooperative group for children ages 2 1/2 to 4 years old. We are a direct partnership among parents, teacher, and children. Our mission is to create a safe, nurturing environment that fosters learning through play. We strive to create a joyful learning experience in which all of us---parents, teacher, and children--- are active, creative, and thoughtful participants in our intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. We wish to be respectful and responsive to each child, at each stage of his or her development.

Our vision for this group:

• To invite and celebrate a love of learning
• To honor and nurture creativity through play, music, art, and gardening
• To honor our children’s natural sense of wonder and imagination
• To maintain reverence for the natural world
• To honor and embrace our diversity and our growing sense of community
• To encourage healthy living through healthy eating, physical activity, and emotional awareness
• To give back to our larger community through regular community service projects
• To maintain active participation and contributions of time, passion, and expertise from all member families

Group structure:

• PLAY Group will maintain a membership of eight children per semester
• The group will meet two days per week for three hours per day. We will have an optional third day per week for field trips or outdoor play
• We will develop a different theme each month and explore that theme through play, music, art, gardening, and other activities
• Each day will include a period of free play
• Scheduled outdoor play will take place regardless of weather conditions
• We will provide the children with a nourishing snack each day. The snack will be low in sugar and minimally processed
• We will complete a community service project each semester
• The parents and teacher will meet at least once a month to plan PLAY Group activities
• We will complete regular documentation to track the children’s development and encourage their growth in new areas

If after reading all of this you are interested, reply to this posting via email bujibw @ yahoo.com

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Just writing to say, What a neat mission statement! The 8 children are very lucky to have such an environment - as well as their families. We had our daughter in the Albq Preschool Coop which met so many of these values (tho not as small). Amazing how those families are still in our lives!

Good luck finding someone! I will talk this up. Good that you are using DCF and Teaching in Albq. to network.
aka Cirrelda
(administrator of Teaching in Albq)


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