Anyone heard of or done the Coyote Carrera Tri? I just saw a brochure for it last weekend. Its April 25 here in Albuquerque (staging area is the Rio Grande pool near the zoo).

I have never done a triathlon (or any organized race for that matter) but I've been running steady for two years now and biking for about 8 months. I haven't been swimming regularly in a while, but its a comfortable area for me. This tri appeals to beginners, so I think I am going to sign up. Its $35

Anyone else out there doing this one? I need to do some swim training, though. Well, all the training, but at least I have a biking and running routine.

What say you all?

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I knew as soon as I read "..dont try anything new" the ball breaking was coming lol. But I agree, I do have about 100 miles on the aero-bars and wheels about I should survive. Wade, I know..but in this economy, I'm glad I have something to complain about haha.. I took a nice cruise to i-40 from Unser and Ellison and back(lots of stopping, going, turning, car collisions, horse poop dodging), so Ive got the feel for the new round spinny things. (wheels)..
Turns out race-day registration wasnt an option so for me, it didnt go lol.
I survived! Actually, it really was not that bad as far as kicking my a$$ from here to Tuesday. I took a 1.5 hour nap afterwards and was fine. That and two ibuprofen...

I had a lot of fun, but I also recognize the event was not as well organized as it could have been (and being their first time out, I was ok with that). No chips, so the times still haven't been posted. The running leg was a full 4 miles instead of 3.1 (they evidently put the turnaround in the wrong location) and "the word on the street" was there was something up with the biking distance as well. I really didn't care about these things one way or the other as it was my first time and the extra mile was not a killer or anything.

My biggest disappointment was the swimming leg. By the time I got in the pool, it was packed. It was configured such that each person swam up and back in a lane, then ducked under the ropes and did the same in the next lane. 8 lanes in total, you work your way from one side to the other and you are done. But, so many people were dragging seriously in this leg and I was behind such a huge line of folks trudging along walking or breast stroke, I was unable to really swim much at all. I did manage to pass a bunch of people, but with so many ahead of you and in the oncoming lane, it was a little ridiculous. And I had worked so hard on the swimming! (and had saved up some energy to really crank it out) No biggie, though, it was all for my own personal satisfaction anyway.

My only injury/pain was smashing my ankle on a flip turn in the churning madness of the pool where I couldn't see the wall very well. It still hurts a bit.

All in all, I had a very positive experience and I'd do it again next weekend. Indeed, I'm looking ahead to see if there is another one coming up I can do.

Again, thanks for all your support and advice - I'm hooked!


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