Who: John Zeuli
When: June 18, noon - 2:30
Where: North Domingo Baca Center (7521 Carmel NE – Wyoming N of Paseo in Room 4)
Free admission! 

Remote Viewing and Dowsing

The missing links to Turbo-Charge your paranormal investigations

All too often, paranormal investigators are left playing 'catch up' after a paranormal event has occurred. While the investigators do laudable work, so much more is possible with the powerful tools of Remote Viewing and dowsing.

This workshop / presentation includes a brief overview of the United States intelligence community Remote Viewing (psychic spying) program as well as actual training sessions done by the presenter. While the presentation does not violate personal boundaries, it does respectfully and creatively apply Remote Viewing and dowsing specifically to paranormal investigation. The result is profound. This will be a practical, interactive workshop that encourages questions and comments anytime during or after the presentation. 

Remote Viewing and dowsing allow you to get ahead of the curve in paranormal investigations rather than playing catch up. In addition, the paranormal tools of 'dream tasking,' 'day tasking' and a team approach will be addressed. During the presentation participants have the opportunity to participate in a hands on exercise to empower their personal research interests in the paranormal. It will be an adventure!

John Zeuli, MSW, worked as a psychotherapist for over a decade and has owned diverse businesses. His fine art portraiture includes paranormal notables Russell Targ, Dean Radin, Linda Mouton Howe, Lyn Buchanan, Larry Dossey, Stanton Friedman, Darrell Sims (the alien hunter), Jesse Marcel and numerous other authors and high profile individuals. John is a formally trained remote viewer and dowser and has consulted on numerous investigations.
Free admission! 

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