So my wife and I just built our raised garden this weekend, and now need about 120 cubic feet of soil to fill in our boxes. Does anyone know of a good company to buy wholesale soil/manure/other (rather than 60+ bags of miracle grow). Perhaps even one that will deliver?




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Try Soilutions in the south valley.  I've used them and it's great stuff.  Not sure if they deliver but you can buy it by the yard and pick it up in bulk if you have a pickup.
There are a number down in the valley but Soilutions is also my recommendation (great to work with and I think they pay more attention to quality/safety of component sources). They also posted a few days ago that they had harvested some worm castings to sell. And they do (or at least used to) deliver.
three votes for soilutions!
Matt.  Check with Western south of Rio Bravo and off 2nd street.  I've bought from them and they have good stuff
Western Organics is the full name. Also a good company as far as I can tell and it's owned by a local family. You'll see their bags in the big box stores. They are cheaper than Soilutions if I remember correctly (I'd probably use them for major scale stuff, but my projects are usually just a truckload or two).

Four votes for Soilutions: talked with them recently at the xeriscape fair and they do deliver.

I vote for Soilutions, too!  Great people with a great mission.  I would steer away from the City's Water Authority compost that I believe you can pick up for free.  We looked at the chemical breakdown sheet last week and it's not horrible stuff, just is higher in heavy metals than what you'd find from a smaller scale producer.  I put straight Soilutions compost into my boxes last year and had an amazing garden!


Have you considered setting up your own composting system in your backyard?  If you are interested, I have goat and chicken manure for the taking now and then.  Best wishes!

We used Soilutions & NM Compost.  They have organic top soil and compost, as well as wood chips.  And, they deliver :o)

9008 Bates Road Southeast
Albuquerque, NM 87105
(505) 877-0220

Another vote for Soilutions.  I understand that their compost is approved for NM organic growers. I also like their community involvement and mission.  Didn't know about the chemical breakdown in the compost from the Water Authority.  Unfortunate.
You can request a chemical analysis of their product - it's kind of interesting to make comparisons and even do that with your own compost now and then.
If you're in the NE Quadrant, try Pete's Landscaping...    (Although I do regard Soilutions with the highest regard - good guys running a righteous ship!)
If you're on the north west side, Soilutions has a retailer that sells their organic compost. It's 2$ more a cu. ft than soilutions and if you can get a truck it's cheaper that way if that's all you need. It's called NM Earth Adobe, and it's on the frontage road by Paseo del Norte, near the Rail Runner Station.


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