Hi everyone!  Does anyone know where I can find a small quantity of spring wheat for planting?  I just want to try a few square feet and see how it goes.  Thanks!


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I do not have any however if you find some I am also interested in trying out a small plot so we could split a package ?



I called the county extension office, they said we're a month or two too late to plant spring wheat, I guess it doesn't germinate unless the soil is below a certain temperature and we're already over it.  They said best bet would be to try winter wheat and plant in late August.  They also said there's a place to get wheat here in town, but I forget exactly what the place is called.  It's somewhere around Central and Carlisle in Nobb hill, perhaps something to do with the university?  I'll research more and update what I find out.

I am pretty sure you are thinking of the Urban Store.  http://urbanstoreonline.com/

They do carry seeds and other growers supplies. The owners name is Chuck and he is a great guy. You should go and check them out. I buy my row cover from them.



You can find wheat berries at Plants of the Southwest. Wheat is actually pretty easy to grow here. We're doing our second year of spring wheat, using some of the berries this year that we put aside from last. The hardest thing for us is keeping the weeds from choking out the wheat--we did about 1000 square feet of planting. The harvesting, threshing and grinding are a fun part of the process. Threshing is hardest, but it's just manual labor and takes time. I'm not sure if PSW has spring wheat berries; we got ours from a friend in CA who grows wheat there.

Good luck.  

Thanks so much!  Their website says they have winter wheat for $3 a pound, and a pound covers 500 sq feet.  Come fall I think I'll post again and see if anyone would like to try it with me.  Thanks!

Hey Mark, it's about time to plant the winter wheat.  Are you still interested in growing some?  I'd like to buy a bag, it's $3 per pound and it covers 500 sq feet.  I won't use it all.

Yes I am in, how many Sq Ft are you planning on growing ?



Maybe 50 sq ft, I'm just doing it in random places around the yard, not making a big operation out of it, just want to do it to do it so I know how it's done.  I'm going to go pretty soon (within the hour) and get a half-pound bag, so I should have enough left over for 200 sq ft.  If that's enough I'd be happy to share.  It's pretty cheap.

Excellent. Let me know when and where ?

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  Just give me a call, 967-6100.  I'll be home this morning then have to go somewhere this afternoon.

Hi Trevor,

Sorry for the huge delay, I am still interested however I will not have any free time until the end of next week. So I will try and give you a call then if that is okay.



No problem, I've still got some left.


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