For the sake of clarity, I've revised the headline to reflect the new confirmed dates. Please check the website and thread below -- e.
(does changing the headline make the world explode?! We'll see.)

From Reid Givens @ Refresh Albuquerque:

Albuquerque BarCamp 3 is coming up on Saturday August 30th, 2008.

What is BarCamp?

BarCamp is a conference unlike most all other conferences for two
1. No one owns it or makes any money off of it
2. The attendees are the presenters

BarCamp is based on the simple idea that we are all experts. Why pay a
few so called experts to come in and talk when we have a wealth of
information right here? Besides, when we don't pay for speakers, we
don't have to charge for the conference.

Attending BarCamp doesn't mean that you HAVE to present (although you
probably know something some of us don't), but it does mean that for
at least a day you can learn something new that can affect your
career, and you get to see who else in the community is out there,
what they're doing and just plain have fun. Going to BarCamp was the
best thing I ever did for my career, and it created friendships that
have lasted years.

BarCamp is free and doesn't take a lot of time out of your life. Come
and meet designers, developers, marketers, usability experts and
anyone else that stops by. This year, lunch will be provided so you
don't even have to pay for food! You can't lose!

For more information about BarCamp in general, visit:

For more information about BarCampAlbuquerque, visit:

The value of BarCamp increases exponentially with the number of
attendees. Because we all present, the more attendees, the more
chances to learn something new. It's important for the whole community
that you (or someone from your shop if you have one) show up.

So go, right now, to and
sign up to attend. We expect businesses, freelancers and employees to
show up, and we should have presentations from designers, usability
experts, programmers and more, so there is surely something you will
learn or at least one new contact you can make.

Let's get together and have fun with our fellow web folks. Everyone is
an expert at something, so please take the opportunity to give back to
the community and lead a session. It's not formal, so have some fun.

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Replies to This Discussion

Love to go, but I'll be out of town.
That sounds like a lot of fun. How exactly does one sign up to present?
Oh, you just edit the wiki. Duh.
Hey, Eric:

Where do I register? I don't see any links on the link you provided.


PS: Geez, leave it to Chantal to scoop up the best slot. ;)
Hey I just sighned up. Thanks for the post. Looks like fun.
I'm interested in presenting, but (as a newbie to ABQ) am not sure what is of most interest to folks. I could do any of the following:

* Advanced CSS (CSS3, browsers that support it; progressive enhancement)
* XHTML (semantics, standards, microformats) and the pending HTML5 specification
* Web Standards (valid, semantic markup; separation of content from presentation & behavior)
* Writing for (white hat) SEO
* Creating a custom site/blog in ExpressionEngine
* Other (productivity tools, project management, usability, accessibilty)

Anyone have any preferences/interests?
Have to bail on this ... didn't realize it was a holiday weekend. Would love it if it got rescheduled.
Awwww. I was looking forward to your talk. Oh well.
Signed up to present after lunch on Saturday. Will be talking about how to use, interpret, and make actionable decisions using Google Analytics, Mint, A/B Testing and Heat Maps.
This sounds intriguing, but.... Labor Day weekend? Seriously?
I'm planning on going. Sounds great
I'll be there!


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