Please forgive/flame me if I step all over list protocol, I'm relatively new to it... I'm looking for a scientifically-oriented Python type for a full-time slot with an analytics company located in Santa Fe. Bootstrapped, profitable with no venture money - and very mathematically oriented... ...please contact me if you would like to discuss or perhaps know someone who would like to know more. They're looking for both a Senior and Junior Scientist, and describe themselves as 'Python-centric'. Java, Eclipse, the ability to knock out a GUI... ...I pay bounties... ...because I am a head hunter... Boba Fett, only no rocketpack: Webb

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I'd like to know more. I'm both a scientist and a python programmer. Does this job allow for working remotely?
Sorry, Stephen, just realized I could reply using this feature, rather than being connected to you. In any case, feel free to ignore the friend request... ...I'm attaching the Senior Scientist job description, although there is a Jr Scientist slot that does not 'prefer a PhD,' depending on where you fit in that spectrum. Please feel free to contact me with questions or if you wish to discuss, suggest a convenient time for a call. As it stands they are looking for a full-time person, rather than contract or remote. However, I think they might consider a shorter work-week or some flexibility, but they do want someone on site for most of the time.

I read through the description and I don't think I would like to do that right now. It seems fun, I hope you find someone to fill the slot.

I do have one gripe for you though. Undergraduate Physics is extremely hard, there's nothing "junior" about it. I feel adequately equipped to do anything I put my mind to with a bachelors degree, and it generally irritates me when people discount that and try to minimize the difficulty involved in the coursework that undergraduate Physicists have to go through. I know I'm capable of anything I choose to do, but I don't feel the need to get a PhD and get sidetracked from accomplishing something in the real world. That is my soapbox, now I am off it. Please don't take it personally.

I appreciate your time in providing this information. I do hope you are successful in filling the spot.
Hi Stephen,
No worries - I too find those terms extremely frustrating, as they're my client's terms - and rather than have a candidate surprised to be referred to as Junior, I try to share them up front, but please do note my use of quotes - I completely understand your irritation. Seldom do talented engineers lack anything, in my experience, except the title when it comes to executing software projects successfully. Culturally, my client tends to be scientist-centric, hence their predisposition to the academic credentials...
Thanks for taking the time to review the job descriptions; if you'd like to connect on LinkedIn, I typically come across a variety of projects from time-to-time that might be of interest.



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