Hi team,

I looked through the forum postings and it seems like everyone is an expert at attracting traffic. (I've even seen articles on what to do if you become OVERWHELMED with traffic.) That seems like a dream problem to me. I sincerely didn't see a posting on this topic nor a FAQ answering this question.

I started a new blog geared towards young, gay backpack travelers. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how to pitch it!

Best wishes,

- Brad

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I think with your blog you will mostly accumulate readers if you just keep it going. The best way to increasing your readership would be to keep writing, and really not worry about getting much traffic until after about 50 posts. They don't all need to be as long, just write what you feel. And if you find you don't have anything to say one day, then just write something short, but try to get people to join the conversation, comment, and lock them in with you.

It is usually even better if you can do two or three posts per day, if you want to really get people coming back to your blog. You need to keep the readers you have and keep accumulating new ones. I don't know how long your timeframe is, but you will need to get the word out pretty fast if you want people to go through the experience with you.

Maybe write up a quick summary and link to your first post, and submit it to a few of the bigger sites you know about that might be interested in what you're doing. If I was to pitch this, I would just say: a timely self documented reality piece/blog written by one rambunctious 20 something. His quest begins after leaving the american corporate world, and leaves off as he travels outside of the us to find himself. Provide a tentative schedule - the dates, a tentative plan of things that might happen.

if, however, you want to really want to hyper-accelerate just traffic, you might consider budgeting for someone to help you manage all the different things that would need to be in place for that to happen. I have to say, it is a big job typically, to have all the social networks, and online channels, etc set up and coordinating to blow up your image.


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