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This site is moderated. A group of volunteer moderators choose which posts to feature on the homepage and do their best to keep the resulting discussion relevant and civil (here's what we mean by that).

So you want your stories or posts included on the homepage? Read this first: Tips for getting featured

Rule #1: Don't spam people.

Rule #2: Remember: while we love hearing about new businesses, places to eat, etc., we are not a “marketing” site.  There are places here for you to promote your business such as the “Announcements” section in the Forum, or the Events Calendar, but we strongly encourage you to engage in a way that is not blatant self-promotion. 

For more info and guidelines for businesses and nonprofits, visit our guide.

Our guiding principle is this: Be nice when commenting or be deleted.

Really, it's that simple. But if you want to be more specific, here are some guidelines (borrowed from Jezebel):

Characteristics of a good comment:

  • Insight/additional information
  • Intelligent critique
  • Wit/humor
  • Calm, courteous, reasoned disagreement, either with the opinions/facts presented in a post itself or with other commenters
  • Sharing of relevant, personal anecdote (within reason)

Characteristics of a bad comment:

  • Personal attacks on other commenters or Duke City Fix authors/moderators
  • Deliberate provocation/trollishness/ad hominem attacks
  • Vulgarity
  • Spam or self-promotion ("Visit my website where we're having a real discussion.")
  • Whining/Complaining: ("Who cares." "Albuquerque sucks." "Everything here is terrible.")
  • Comments that are intended to "bump" or push the discussion back onto the main page (specific to forum posts).

Politely disagreeing with an author or taking an alternate stance is more than fine. Being argumentative or refusing to back down however is not cool. If you cannot accept differences in a rational, civil manner, please don't comment here.

Some commenting examples


"I disagree with you, dude. Public transportation is indicative of a more evolved society that provides basic services for the people it taxes. Your take is a step towards lawless incivility."


"Typical libertarian bullshit. Who do you think you are? We've got drunk drivers crawling all over this shithole state and you want more? I hope one finds your wife on the road."

Um yeah. That last one will be deleted.

When you can't live with this:
When a commenter refuses to back down or complains about their comment being deleted, Duke City Fix moderators may issue them either a public or private warning. If this warning is ignored, the commenter will be banned from the site. Here's what that means. Sometimes Duke City Fix moderators will ban someone immediately and without warning. At any time, banned members with a change of heart can ask to be reinstated.

Back to the conversation...

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting. We hope you enjoy participating in a vibrant, constructive discussion about life in Albuquerque.

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