Tips for Businesses and Nonprofits

The Duke City Fix is absolutely a business (and nonprofit)-friendly site.* We'd love to hear about your events and your news. However, this is a community, and just as you wouldn't, in polite company, start selling to friends and neighbors over the Thanksgiving Day table, we ask that you follow some basic norms. 

Here are the resources that we encourage you to use to promote your business or nonprofit:

Ads and Giveaways

Ads run on the site 24-7 and we do giveaways on Friday afternoons.

Please note that ads and giveaways are the only business-focused activity on the site that is done by the DCF team. Everything else is up to you to provide or create. We don't assign stories, we don't add your events to the calendar, and we don't put your press releases into the Announcements section. We do, however, check to make sure that you're promoting an Albuquerque thing -- events that happen only online, venues outside of the greater metro area, etc., will be removed. 

Here's what you can (and should!) do on your own: 

My Page

This is your place to showcase your business to the Duke City Fix community.

Cool:  Make sure it makes you look awesome.  Must-haves include:

  •   A good photo or logo
  •   An excellent description of what you do
  •   Contact info (including location if appropriate) and hours of operation

Not cool:  Out-of-date info, unanswered requests for help or information in the comments section. Not being an Albuquerque business!


The perfect place to promote your business or nonprofit!


  • Book signings, openings, lectures, sales, special appearances, concerts, performances, you name it!
  • Events on multiple days or over multiple weeks.  Please enter each day individually when possible.
  • Albuquerque-based awesomeness happening in other places (Duke City Rollers in El Paso?  Road trip!)

Not cool:

  • Events that aren't in the Albuquerque area (see exception above)
  • Events that aren't really events or are too open-ended. The launch of your new website isn't really an event.  Neither is a 2-week sale.
  • Events that aren't actually open to the public or require an RSVP for location


The forum is really designed for discussions or announcements, not for calendar listings, and commenters in the forum can be pretty rough-and-tumble. 


  • Watch this space for complaints about or compliments of your business
  • In Announcements only:  Info on promotions, discounts, new products, etc. Don't bother putting events here – they belong in Events!

Not cool:

  • Starting self-aggrandizing discussions on your company or organization
  • Frequent or repeated commenting on your own forum post to bump your info to the top
  • Posting on the same subject more than once


A list of all DCF members is available here.

Cool:  Making “friends” with people who want to be friends with you.  In general, people want to be your friend to show support, not to get marketed to. 

Not cool:

  •   Mass “friending”
  •   Mass comments on your friends' pages
  •   Mass emails to your friends promoting your business

*One important detail to note: With the exception of ads and giveaways, the Duke City Fix moderators will not post your info for you. Please don't add us to your press list for blasts of your press releases -- we don't want them and we won't use them. Instead, engage in this community, post your own info, and let us know if you have any questions!


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