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Welcome To My World !

Profile Information

Where I Live:
SW Albuquerque
About Me:
I just turned 66 on January 14th. I am a Minnesota transplant since Nov. 2004. We moved here because we love the climate and we are both retired. We love traveling; reading; birds; animals; eating; doing fun things, meeting new people, and chatting. We are non-smokers, and non-drinkers. I am a WAC Veteran Vietnam-Era ( Womens Army Corps ). I am involved in a lot of Veterans groups. I love the Golden Oldies music and movies; comedies, love stories, etc. I love bright and pastel colors; fairs; special events; flea markets. I have 2 grown children and I am a Grandma to 2 little boys and one little girl. Albuquerque is a beautiful fun place to live !

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Favorite Thing(s) About Albuquerque:
The City Lights at night are stunning! I never get tired of them! Lots of fun things to do here, and we love the city ! The Sandia Mountains are so Majestic and awesome to look at ! I never get tired of them either; or the cactus.
My Website:

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At 9:17pm on July 3, 2010, Rochelle Kremer said…
Hi Carmen. Oh I know what you mean about suffering from culture shock! When I moved here from Minnesota I might as well have moved to the moon, lol. Have been here three years now and there are still things I miss, but I've found new things to love too. Nice to hear from you :)

At 7:20am on July 1, 2010, Paul7 said…
Hi Carmen, I'm from the Chicago area, not Minnesota. I thought I'd left Obama when I moved here three years ago, no such luck. Are you a native?

At 10:59pm on August 10, 2009, Eric Szeman said…
Hey Carmen,
Not real hip to this blog phenom, so I'm not sure if this is an email message to you or not...if not, clue me in on how to find your email address on your profile page...later, Eric
At 7:41pm on July 30, 2009, Taz Shadow said…
To All Our Women Warriors;

Please join for a weekend of Rejuvenation-Thurs. Oct.8TH -Sun.Oct 11,2009

Who is Eligible ?? All women who have served in the Military since Sept. 11,2001

What does the retreat cost ?? NOTHING- This program is completely FREE
There is no cost for lodging,meals,workshops or air travel !!

During this four day retreat the focus will be on healing,connecting and finding your strengths.Connect with other women veterans by sharing stories,experiences and community.Learn stress management techniques,exercise your creative side, and enjoy the beautiful setting
through hiking and kayaking in scenic MARSHAL, CA. (Northern CA)

Applications will be accepted from August 10TH to Sept. 8TH 2009 through or at 415-353-5363

They arent taking registration yet, not until 10 August, but they will call me back on Tuesday for more info. Go to the website to register in August.

Oh, and it's only for women who served since 11 Sept 01, (Iraqi and Afganistan conflicts) not for all women vets. They don't consider Desert Storm to be an Iraqi conflict. Poo.
At 12:04am on April 27, 2009, Anthony Vallejo said…
Hey Carmen

This website is totally rad and I get alot of information before going to see you.
At 9:46am on April 21, 2009, Patricia said…
Thanks for adding me as a friend, Carmen. Love your group. Here's a website I recently started to make political comments. Check it out and enjoy!
At 7:52am on December 13, 2008, Masterpiece Medical Massage said…
Hi Carmen -

Welcome to the group!
At 10:20am on November 17, 2008, Sharon Yeargan said…
Hi Carmen,

Thanks for telling me about Duke City Fix. I joined the cat lovers group. I am so glad we've been friends for 41 years. I'm also glad to be here in ABQ.
At 12:09pm on November 14, 2008, Luann Wolfe said…
Hi Carmen!
I was just thinking about you the other day. Hope this message finds you well & happy!
At 9:29pm on November 12, 2008, Susan Ciconte said…

Great! I'm very glad to have found you, too. Please send an email to, and I'll respond with a phone number, too. Would love to come visit (don't worry about housekeeping and such.) I think you are near that nine mile hill with that beautiful view of the city. We can also catch up about ole Minnesota. I took care of Canada geese at Lake of the Isles for many years in Minnesota, hence my email address, from years ago. Many great memories. Hope to hear back soon. Susan
At 6:54am on February 4, 2008, Paula Manning-Lewis said…
Hi Carmen,
Thanks for your comment, yes, I am an Army Vet, 1988-1990.
At 6:26pm on February 3, 2008, CARMEN BENNETT said…
Hi Carmen,

I finally found it. That really is a great pic of you.

Sharon Y
At 7:56pm on January 17, 2008, Adelita said…
Hi Carmen. Welcome to ABQ Collectors. Dig right into the group and let us know what we can help you collect!
At 10:30am on January 17, 2008, Luann Wolfe said…
I didn't even see the "car" typo. I had to read your post a couple of times before I figured it out.

Add your car story to the "Minnesota Nice" thread on The Thawed site. I'd like to read all about it, and I bet other poeple would too.
At 7:58pm on January 16, 2008, Luann Wolfe said…
WOW! You lived all over the Twin Cities. So have you lost your "Minnesota Nice" yet (see my post on "The Thawed" site).
At 5:37pm on January 16, 2008, Luann Wolfe said…
We lived in St. Louis Park near Hwy 100 and Mtka Blvd for 13 years.
At 10:35am on January 16, 2008, Luann Wolfe said…
Welcome to the Duke City.

We moved here from the Twin Cities 10 years ago. You're gonna love it here!

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